|. After having various arguments on his head about if his son should either live or die, he finally came to the conclusion that his last remaining son should die.

You wound the music box to full and saw that toy chica was in the left vent and toy bonnie in the right. ", "Uh, hello, hello, hello? Species

Um… nevermind. First appearance Nevermind… The animatronics are acting up again. Vincent also makes an appearance in the FBP minigame, in which you play as him inside of Frankburt's Pizza. It darted back and forth over your clit.

Age~ 3-8. Deceased

Um, I really didn’t like that Puppet… Even after so many years. reader x fem! I say no we don't Purple Guy Fnaf five nights at freddy's william afton Vincent fnaf fnaf vincent Vincent Purple Guy fnaf springbonnie springbonnieman springtrap glitch gif art fanart drawing punksterart. Occupation Vincent In the minigame a past to remember he once again appears in the secret room, when you enter he will come running from the left with a Golden Freddy head in his hands. #fnaf Uh….

he will wake up in the middle of the night and have tears strolling down his face.

Occupation He is also commonly seen as a murderer in the death minigames. Occupation Glad you made it, how’s your night of no worries?

"H-hi." Well, one day a kid came in and tore him apart. The fluffy cat tail wigglied around as you mewled.
Purple Guy, Phone Guy Add to library 8 Discussion 14. Totally.... O_O.

They should act fine during the nights, just… keep an eye on that Puppet. This section about a character in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- is empty or needs to be expanded. Uh… well, that’s all for tonight.

Into Five Nights At Freddy's?

Gender Also during the day, the engineers found the wiring in the animatronics messed up.

Purple Guy He bent over and kissed your hand softy. His running with Golden Freddy's head sprite in the minigame "A Past To Remember" is actually an edited version of Purple Guy's sprite when running to the empty Spring Bonnie suit in the night 5 minigame of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. During nights 1-5, he sends phone calls to Mike Schmidt to inform him about what is going on at the place and how to properly do his job. You yelped. Hello? He is the owner and manager of Fredbear's Family Diner, that is responsible for the place's successfulness and Improvement to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I’m so tired . doodle-poots . He slipped in and let you adjust to his huge member. However, a blond girl witnessed her boyfriend being killed by the suit as Vincent runs out of Fredbear's Family Dinner still laughing. Vincent FNAF android by Najtmer @Najtmer. Although the Machine appeared to have stopped from the damage, the manufacturing device started to bring the Torture suits to life and made them extremely aggressive and violent. You must have decent internet speed to enjoy gameplay. Unfollow. Anyways, just a thought. Unknown He then wore the Spring Bonnie suit and lured the five children to the backstage.

And so, he lured Tyler to the hidden bunker, grabbed the nearest chains and hooks, and started to hang and torture his son. I wouldn’t recommend it, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it *nervous laugh* f-for to long. marionette. I’m just wondering, wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. Plus he wears tiny purple shorts, Other information~ some times Vincent's nightmares can be so bad. Wow, thats a first. Status This page is a candidate for deletion. He is seen holding what looks like a phone. •playing games (like hide and seek or tag), Clothing~ he usually wears a a purple shirt with a lighter purple stripe going across. The doors don’t seem to work very well…. UPDATE: vicent is not the name of the purple guy its william afton. Vincent then started to laugh, as the suit slowly killed the crying child from head to toe and eventually given a new and torturous life of pain and suffering. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this recording.

Night 5 Minigame Another notable difference with TRTF's Purple Guy having no family at all unlike his FNaF counterpart. https://antagonists.fandom.com/wiki/Vincent_Rebornica?oldid=141385. When he was wasted. Vincent looks identical to his original appearance, being a purple figure with a badge, black eyes with white pupils, and a permanent smile. He took your uniform shirt off and your skirt and threw them across the hall. Murderer, Employee of GoldieParaDiner You weren't too suprised about the animatronics, you had the heeby jeebys from them ever since you took the job, which was strangely the only one available. All I saw was a shadow with blonde hair. Note: This info is NO LONGER canon to the TRTF Story, however, this is what it was originally meant to be back when TRTF 5 was still in development, so it is still noteworthy.

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