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The option of a "Danish solution"—welcoming the invaders in order to avoid conflict—was still on the table. Seated (from left to right) are Quisling, Himmler, Terboven, and General Nikolaus von Falkenhorst, the commander of the German forces in Norway. [39] Advocating war against Bolshevism, the openly racist book catapulted Quisling into the political limelight. [154] He borrowed the term Universism from a textbook on Chinese philosophy, and described how his philosophy "...followed from the universal theory of relativity, of which the specific and general theories of relativity are special instances."
Nevertheless, many gifts went unused and he did not live extravagantly.[149].

The Parliament of Norway (Storting), was to become bicameral with the second chamber made up of Soviet-style elected representatives from the working population. [130], After ten weeks being constantly watched to prevent suicide attempts in police custody, he was transferred to Akershus Fortress and awaited trial as part of the legal purge. (1992) (in Norwegian). [22][nb 1] Quisling devoted much of his time in the French capital to study, reading works of political theory and working on his philosophical project, which he called Universism. In addition, the lex Eilifsen ex-post facto law of August 1943, which led to the first death sentence passed by the regime, was widely seen as a blatant violation of the Constitution and a sign of Norway's increasing role in the Final Solution, would destroy everything the convention had achieved in terms of boosting party morale. Only the Cultural Chamber actually came into being with the Economic Chamber postponed because of unrest within the professional bodies it was supposed to represent. [56] Just as he had been under Kolstad, Quisling was involved in many of the spats that characterised Hundseid's government. Maria Vasilijevna, Quisling's Russian wife, lived in Oslo until her death in 1980. [62] This made it the fifth largest party in Norway, out-polling the Communists but not the Conservative, Labour, Liberal or Agrarian parties, and failing to secure a single seat in Parliament. [38] In the article, he outlined ten points that would complete Nansen's vision as applied to Norway, among them "strong and just government" and a "greater emphasis on race and heredity".
When Quisling tried to introduce the bill directly, it was swiftly rejected,[63] and the party went into decline. Vidkun Quisling (1887 - 1945) Tabellarischer Lebenslauf zusammengestellt von Nikolas Dikigoros. "Quisling's Political Ideas".

[48] Sometime during the period 1930–33, Quisling's first wife, Asja, received notice of the annulment of her marriage to him. Alexandra wrote in her memoirs that Quisling declared his love for her,[17] but based on his letters home and investigations undertaken by his cousins, it appears that there was never any question of romantic involvement between the two. [72] Invited to the country in the summer of 1939, he began a tour of a number of German and Danish cities. As an added insult, for the first time he was forbidden to write letters directly to Hitler. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. In his first speech, Quisling committed the government to closer ties with Germany. Increased factionalism and personal losses, including the accidental death of fellow politician Gulbrand Lunde, were compounded by heavy handed German tactics, such as the shooting of ten well-known residents of Trøndelag and its environs in October 1942. [154], His magnum opus was divided into four parts: an introduction; a description of mankind's apparent progression from individual to increasing complex consciousnesses; a section on his tenets of morality and law; and a final section on science, art, politics, history, race, and religion. Despite the ready availability of junior officers in the reserve following defence cuts, only seven units were established in 1934, and funding restrictions meant that the enterprise included less than a thousand men before it faded away. Zusammenarbeit zwischen Personen oder Gruppen von Personen. On 12 March, Norway officially became a one-party state. Finally, he was accused of Gunnar Eilifsen's murder. [147] The noun has survived and for a while during and after World War II, the back-formed verb to quisle /ˈkwɪzəl/ was used. [2] Qvisling had lectured in Grimstad in the 1870s, where one of his pupils was Bang, whom he married on 28 May 1886 following a long engagement. [149], Post-war interpretations of Quisling's character are similarly mixed. [55], Following Kolstad's death in March 1932, Quisling retained his post as defence minister in the second Agrarian government under Jens Hundseid for political reasons, though they remained in bitter opposition throughout. [98], As a result, by the end of 1940 the monarchy had been suspended although the Parliament of Norway and a body resembling a cabinet remained. Privately, Quisling had long accepted that National Socialism would be defeated. "[155] The document was also notable for its attack on the materialism of National Socialism and its rejection of the racism and anti-Semitism to which he had previously subscribed.

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