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I don't understand how I am supposed to get Scurvy Isle from drawings of Dagger Tooth with South written next to it and Galleons Grave with East written next to it. Galleon’s Grave — In the cage hanging on the bowsprit of the shipwreck on top of the island. This place reeks worse than the drinking den where I tell my stories, but at least it’s warm and dry. Receive all Commendations for ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale. Final Chapter: Take the final Quest Item back to Tasha in the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost to complete the Tale. Issue with Tall Tale commendation (Legendary Storyteller) Question. If what she said is true, I should take a scout around Mermaid’s Hideaway. Check out our guide to the Stars of a Thief to continue the saga! I just know she isn’t human any more. Started keeping a diary again. This includes items such as the Music Box and Spice Box in Wild Rose, the Ancient Crown in The Legendary Storyteller, and the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Key in The Art of the Trickster, etc. Player Crews acquire various Carved Planks during The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale. I don’t want her to hear this story. Close • Posted by 4 minutes ago. All those new places beyond the Shroud! The Carved Plank can only be acquired as part this specific Tall Tales and are equipped via the Map Radial Menu. If you prefer to discover the journals on your own, stop reading now. The Carved Planks act identically to the map, with the Primary Use button (/) bringing the compass closer to view. Once you’ve opened up the Chest using BOTH Keys, you’ll reach Chapter 2 (checkpoint). 5 Books Every Writer Should Read (To Master The Art Of Storytelling), The Secret Club of People Who Read on Public Transport, “A Falling Knife Has No Handle” by Emily O’Neill, The Best Speculative Poetry Engages in Experimental Forms, Living in a Land of Legends — an interview with Andrew Jenkin, How to Thrive As We Age-This Book is the Travel Guide We Need, 10 Dystopian Novels to Read During the Pandemic, Baby-Sitters Club Books as Classic Novels. The locations of the 5 hidden journals are included at the bottom of this guide. I’m sure she won’t mind me borrowing it! The back side of the Carved Plank will show the players the coordinates of the island where the item is buried. Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale: Naughty Man. I don’t know what Briggsy is now, Kareen. 1 Mechanics 2 Checkpoints 3 Tales 3.1 Shores of … This guide walks through The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale, detailing what to expect at each step, as well as where to find those pesky hidden Journals. Sounds like fun! Her childhood storybook may prove useful. Shroudbreaker pieces are scattered far and wide — could this childhood keepsake mean more? Kareen, my love, I hope you never read this. Receive all Commendations for ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale. Tall Tales are lengthy story Quests in Sea of Thieves that are accessed via Tale Books given by various NPCs who direct players towards grand adventures to uncover various secrets of The Sea of Thieves. They just stand and stare, like they’re expecting… What? If not, here’s where you can discover each one: Congratulations on completing The Legendary Storyteller! Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Carved Plank: Sea of Thieves Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. save hide report. The Legendary Storyteller The Carved Plank is a special Quest Item that assists the player in finding where the last item for the The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale is buried. I’m so, SO glad that girl can’t see me like this. This guide may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk. As I hoped, the pirate I overheard stashed a map to the Shroudbreaker here. He means well, but it’s a long voyage and he’s not exactly nimble. I recognised her livery on the horizon and thought I’d pick a fight with the famous Briggsy. Not sure I can risk bringing Sudds along. Read at your own risk! Complete ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale. Mermaid’s Hideaway — In a barrel next to the campfire on the north beach. From me? Might any of them lead to a piece of the Shroudbreaker? Each depicts a path leading from an outpost to your destination, and will test your knowledge of the region to recognize the islands and formations in the crayon drawings. Lucky me, overhearing the girl with the merfolk earrings. It wasn’t her! Carved Planks can only be equipped from the Map Radial Menu (E/) during this specific Tall Tale. Just in case…. Starting Location: The book where you can vote to begin this tale is on Ancient Spire Outpost in the tavern. The yearning’s back, deep in my belly. Time to snatch myself a Shroudbreaker! My last story… I… I don’t want her to know I’m a monster…. share. The greatest voyage of my life, and this is how it ends… Boneheads don’t attack me now. Study this tool well, as this is your clue for the island you must travel to and where to go when you get there. They say the tale leads you to Scurvy Isle. This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale (FULL WALKTHROUGH) “1st Finish” Tall Tales. Well it was, but cursed! I can’t wait to make my mark on them, so everyone knows I got there first. I was such an idiot. They tell a narrative and involve solving puzzles, using unique mechanics, and overcoming perils. Besides, it’s time for another adventure. So, I want to grind out some commendations from the Tall Tales, but have encountered a peculiar issue with the journals - having discovered all five, the progress tracker on the commendation is stuck on 4/5. You’ll dig up a final Quest Item. This page was last edited on 8 January 2020, at 05:21. Why Powerball Is Just Giving Me The $800MM. Tip: you can find the coordinates on the back of the plank. A Shroudbreaker? When a Tall Tale is active, it places journals in the world for you to discover and read. I was confused, so I looked it up on Rare Thief. A Carved Plank is obtained by opening Briggsy's Chest with the Chalice Key and Crown Key. Shroudbreaker pieces are scattered far and wide ─ could this childhood keepsake mean more? Tall Tales spoiler. As mentioned above, by “Tall Tale Treasures” we mean any physical item you can set on your boat, which you acquire by way of your Tall Tale, and which is necessary to continue your Tall Tale. The Carved Plank can only be acquired as part this specific Tall Tales and are equipped via the Map Radial Menu. Lone Cove — In the cave, on a rock next to the mushrooms. Time to sail again. MANUFRACTURE Is A Brutal DIY Experience Where Only The Strong Survive. She didn’t kill me, only threw me in a cage. Her flesh mostly rotted away, and so fierce. To start from the beginning, check out our guide to The Shroudbreaker. I can feel a darkness in my heart. Complete the Tale 5 times and discover all hidden journals: Every time you complete the Tale, you also pocket 8,000 Gold. By following the 3 chapters you have, discover the Crown Key, the Chalice Key and Briggsy’s Chest: With the two keys open Briggsy’s Chest and collect the plank of wood. They can be tackled in any order, and you can’t progress until you’ve found all three. It doesn’t beat telling my tales in a busy tavern, but it’ll do for now. out our guide to the Stars of a Thief to continue the saga! 100% Upvoted. It’s so stormy though… I stashed some vittles in the wreck at Old Salts Atoll, so I’ll hole up there for tonight. I want to lash out, like I did to that Naughty Man at Galleon’s Grave. The Legendary Storyteller is the third part of the Shores of Gold saga. These add details to the story, and also are required to unlock the final commendation of the Tale and earn a cosmetic reward. In Briggsy’s memories you heard whispers of a little girl, sitting wide-eyed by the fire as wild stories were spun.

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