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This site is intended for use by residents of Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia & Pacific only. h�bbd```b``n�� �� �� ��� �� ��L�ˮ��b �; "����/L@��m�y�?��� '� 2 Synthes DHS/DCS Dynamic Hip and Condylar Screw System Technique Guide The Dynamic Hip Screw is designed to provide strong and stable internal fixation of a variety of intertrochanteric, subtrochanteric and basilar neck fractures, with minimal

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Catalog–Trauma 2011 Instruments and implants approved by the AO Foundation Implants Instruments Sets. DePuy Synthes is a global leader in medical devices used to treat orthopaedic trauma. ... (PDF) Depuy Synthes. D

VA-LCP Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5 Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 1 Table of Contents Introduction VA-LCP Ankle Trauma System 2.7/3.5 2 AO Principles 4 Indications 5 Surgical Techniques Preparation 6 Patient Positioning 7 Approach and Incision 8 Reduce Articular Surface 9 Plate Insertion 11 Plate Positioning and Provisional Fixation 13 Insertion of VA Locking Screws B 2.7 mm 14 Recherchez dans les catalogues et brochures techniques de la société Depuy Synthes sur MedicalExpo et trouvez l’information dont vous avez besoin en 1 clic. -��_RUL ��!�y0�� �V2��lg��]ߦƐ��J�@)�v�0�&����gsB�m��Λ��!++�����w�v�������z�1k��H��9>�ӦO�9˿���!\�ӯ������4��WfS������}i���՛|��r���0?^Ҟ?�7��]2L7��6���m���)ҳ6�{z֙���ӹ��Ƭ�P\�xKނ��}�55j�\�+r��5ؒ-ؑX�V��_ɯ�y���,��,{Z��������K���������;0�,���]\]\{:�������zaNAN���]�.p�܅.���Ex�,羑���x �^B/����� 4JG��2�"�2�"�2�"�2�"�2�"�2�"�2�"�2�"�2�"� endstream endobj 126 0 obj <>stream Concorde.

4_Priciples_03.pdf 1 05.07.12 12:08 4 DePuy Synthes Expert Lateral Femoral Nail Surgical Technique AO PRINCIPLES In 1958, the AO formulated four basic principles, which have become the guidelines for internal fixation1,2.

This site is published by the DePuy Synthes Companies, which are solely responsible for its content. Bij een trauma ervaren cliënten de situatie, met de bijbehorende reacties, alsof deze nog steeds ac-tueel is. SYNTHES (CANADA) LTD. 2566 Meadowpine Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6P9 Telephone: (905) 567-0440 Fax: (905) 567-3185 To order: (800) 668-1119 SYNTHES (USA) 1690 Russell Road Paoli, PA 19301-1262 Telephone: (610) 647-9700 Fax: (610) 251-9056 To order: (800) 523-0322 Original Instruments and Implants of the Association Wat zien ze gebeuren, wat horen ze,

Illustrations not actual size 5/11 5-1 General Instruments and Implants Bone Forceps Set 105.90 Bone Forceps Set R 305.75 Bone Forceps Set Graphic Case With graphic outlines, autoclavable, perforated, complete with cover 1 Müller ME, M Allgöwer, R Schneider, H Willenegger.
%%EOF Our fixation products are used to treat fractures and deformities and provide one of the most comprehensive portfolios of orthopaedic solutions in the world. De bedreigende situatie is voorbij, maar toch nemen ze iets waar, waarop ze reageren.

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