it would be cool if in Robo Recall Game you can have more Destruction and explosion effects! Thanks a lot for releasing the source for these with the mod kit, it's always cool to pick apart assets from your games.

Tutorials Check out this vid from The Savage Patch Kids playing an early version of the Voxel mods from user Firestorm185. Shooting THE PROBLEM: If you have a 360 degree sensor setup for your VR space, you tend to turn around a lot. I hope to have released very soon once I finish the small story aspect. can someone help me find the downloads for the mod kit. Robo Recall Mods (Post and Find Mods Here!) I'm an adult. Robo Recall is what many of us in the VR community have been waiting for and boy does it deliver. The beginning characters anims will be adjusted better and the cage is being replaced with a nearly finished one. Robo Recall Mods (Post and Find Mods Here!) Wow, really cool of you guys to include the uncooked mods. A few familiar characters make an appearance to help out :). Weapon Mods, Looking for short, sweet, VR game reviews? will not be great as my timeframe to do them is very limited. Robo Recall Mods (Post and Find Mods Here!) Casey from The Savage Patch kids shows us how to make a simple (and insane) mod for RoboRecall. Agree with Kashaar and want to say thank guys! Player Mods How to Use Mods in Robo Recall! You can now change the lightsaber colours too. Video Tutorial: How To Make A Robo Recall Mod! We (the guys who run are starting a. MGS has been posting previews of their work on a super legit Star Wars Mod for Robo Recall.

Here's a super cool Captain America Shield mod from Dan over at The Savage Patch Kids! Mod Packs Weapon Mods Player Mods Map Mods Enemy Mods Miscellaneous Forum News Show & Tell Tutorials Showcase Videos Media Robo Recall Subreddit Legacy Modding Here's my first one! I cant find it ANYWHERE, 'Over 9000 Swords' Modular Melee Weapon System.

SORRY FOR NO SOUND FOR SOME REASON ITS NOT RECORDING but all the stormtroopers have authentic speech and phrases as does c3p0 and r2d2. Check out this awesome Unreal Map modded for Robo Recall by user J_Tox. Robo Recall is what many of us in the VR community have been waiting for and boy does it deliver. Here's a little tutorial on how to download and apply Mods to Robo Recall. - Video Tutorial. All Mod Packs A Place to group together mods of similar intent, such as the Survival Mod Pack or the Star Wars Mod Collection! Really looking forward to seeing what this community builds. The Storm troopers have been added from scratch and completely new logic added to compensate for locomotion. Really looking A lot of fun, runs great, and looks amazing too. Robo Recall Locomotion Mod V5 w/Superhot Mode, How to Use Mods in Robo Recall! This is a great video even if you're a modding noob! It's... um... it's freaking reptar from the Rugrats. I've got to say, it's such a breathe of fresh air what you guys are doing. Nearly now ready for release Just sorting LightSaber Damage along with a few AI Tweaks. One of the first Robo Recall Mods to hit the internet is a fix to the ever-frustrating teleportation system. - Video Tutorial 3/6/2017 2 Comments Here's a little tutorial on how to download and apply Mods to Robo Recall. Is there a way I can get robo recall mods for oculus quest if there is please provide a link Press J to jump to the feed. Been experimenting quite a bit with making skins for guns.

- Onward motion where your rotation follows your left hand, - Removed turn around bits and bobs for 360deg, VR review channel on Youtube called VR Authority.

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