The teacher is an active listener in a student-centered classroom and takes the time to understand where a student is at as an individual and then plans from there to see how to support or challenge that student. Cameron Pipkin at EdSurge explains a few ways this can be accomplished. Outlined by Anne Green in her book Let Them Show Us the Way: fostering independent learning in the elementary classroom, the community of learners transforms the classroom into an experiential educational space. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of this learning style – and how to give students more control over what, where and how they learn. Inquiry Based Learning Ed.). It has been around since the beginnings of cognitive development (Aristotle and Socrates), and is a natural pathway to deep understanding and efficacy. Student-directed teaching is a teaching technology that aims to give the student greater control, ownership, and accountability over his or her own education. March 2019 Student-directed teaching is much more of a results-driven education system,[according to whom?] Why, then, was compulsory schooling created? It is okay to plant the seed even in a student-directed learning environment. Tyler Elementary recently completed its second year of participation in the Leader in Me program, which teaches critical thinking, goal setting, listening and speaking. Other sites like Snopes acts as an online fact checker to uncover fake news. The Montessori method is a progressive teaching technology that, like student-directed teaching, places the child at the centre of the educational ecology. This form of instruction invites students to assume control of their own learning process by pursuing topics and formats that interest them personally. Student-Directed Teaching is distinguished from Montessori in the availability of the five teaching styles and the Community of Learners. Personalized Learning 5. It’s also important to allow students to brainstorm to see where their interests lie, from which point you can guide them. For instance, when she agreed to one student’s request to paint instead of draw the main idea of a picture book, Spangler noted that several other students were eager to do the same. Baggett, Alice. This isn’t to say you’ll lose all structure and guidance in the classroom. Specifically, this means that you’ll go from being the only director in the class to being in a co-constructing environment where you learn alongside your students. They are more opportunities for teacher to mentor and guide discussion and classroom instruction. [2], Mann and company were all products of the Industrial Revolution. By integrating both past and present experiences based on personal interpretations and subject matter, students would most effectively learn. I agree with Kohn on his view of an ideal classroom: one that “emphasizes curiosity and cooperation above all, and that the student’s curiosity should determine what is taught”  (Hussung, 2016). Here are a few exercises which are designed to promote student-led learning. This allows for the students to see the teacher as an educational model. Keyana Stevensof Maker Ed says the technique first gained popularity at Google, and has since spread across organizations and schools alike. How can I use this in the classroom?Find ways to emulate and “pilot” the decisions made through critical exercises. Experiential Learning However, being a critical thinker who is responsible for one’s own learning is so much more than asking questions. Community Learning As such, "schools are intended to produce, through the application of formulas, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and controlled."[3]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Project Based Learning It can be done individually or with group learning, but the overall concept is that students take ownership of their learning. How can students scaffold their own learning experiences as a method for trying new ways of interaction and discovery? "Sociological and political ruminations." Although it affects everyone, it is most noticeable in children: ultimately, the institution of mass schooling has been unable to keep up with the changes dictated by the intense proliferation of knowledge. August 2018, All Another idea is to let students choose when and where they’ll work on a student-led project. “Genius Hour is our promise to students that their passions will matter; that they will do work that matters, and we will make time during the school day for it,” she adds. Students establish a method of assessment and criteria for evaluation. Every time I showed an episode of Vice at least one student turned the episode topic into a student-directed PBL project. Some of the first modern formal theories of self-directed learning came from the progressive education movement and John Dewey, who believed experience was the cornerstone of education. Share as needed with a peer or an adult in the room after asking politely if that person can spare a minute. This increases the chance that they’ll stay motivated and engaged in the work. Self-directed learners should create ways to experience information and consider the impact of basing ideas and perspectives on it. Self-directed learning (SDL) allows students to develop their own curriculum based on their interests and abilities. ( Log Out /  I didn't face many of the obstacles just mentioned, yet I still found myself choosing learning objectives for my students here and there. Learning independently can be challenging, even for the brightest and most motivated students. [1] The creation of pliable people erased, then, the acute morality of the populace, replacing it instead with mindless automation. The driving question for her project, which she chose, would be how the conflict in Syria began. Though many interpretations exist about what critical thinking is and does, Robert Ennis defined it as “Reasonable, reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do” (Ennis, 1996, p.166). When students have the choice to work on things that they’re good at, they get more excited about taking ownership of the project. Students who choose this style must be able to teach each other, to engage in discussion, and then come to a consensus, to stay focused and to make good decisions about the practice necessary to master the objectives. ( Log Out /  the massive education system cannot account for differences between its subjects, from different learning preferences to different teaching styles to different paces. Assemble at home base to share works-in-progress. ", Spring, J. 6). A lot of students complete learning tasks, without fully comprehending and applying them, simply to get the reward of a high letter grade or praise from his/her teacher. Instead of listening to the teacher exclusively, students and teachers interact equally. Showing why the topic is relevant from the student’s perspective is key to garnering genuine interest in the matter, he writes. This type of learning is student directed and owned, meaning the student has a stake in their education alongside parents and educators. Current Events Teacher-centered instruction doesn’t allow students to express themselves, ask questions, and direct their own learning. Elementary teacher Elizabeth Spangler explains how choice gives students a feeling of control. Notable models are Democratic Free Schools and programs, such as the Institute for Democratic Education (IDEA) and the Sudbury School, which focuses on educational freedom, democratic governance and personal responsibility. Students will realize once they reflect that the times that they had the most fun in school tended to be when the attention was on them, not the teacher, and when they had time to pursue their own interests (Kohn, 1933). A child learns such fundamental things as how to walk without being taught. The passion area need not be related to the subject in which the student earned the time.[12]. Kohn suggests to overcome the second limit by taking the student’s outrageous suggestion as serious. I worked in a very progressive school for most of my teaching career. Outrageous suggestions can provide deep learning moments when critically thought and discussed about and can show students, if they are taken seriously, that you are welcoming to all thoughts and decisions, no matter how silly they may seem. Have you ever considered taking a back seat in the classroom? All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Mass schooling teaches people how to do what they are told when they are told to do so. In what ways, can we as educators allow students the space to try new theories and identities without making them feel stigmatized, reduced to labels, or wrong for their judgements and opinions. I provided guidance but the learning experience as a whole was entirely directed by the student. Consider the following paths of inquiry: A strong learning community is one that is built by self-directed learners who contribute powerfully to supporting, elevating, and empowering each other. Other valuable platforms for self-directed learning opportunities are embedded in the Open Education movement. Institutions like Georgetown University provides students with methods for determining credibility (See below) for their sources. All OER resources are free and do not require permission to use. The Waldorf method, despite its efforts to improve education holistically differs in that there is still a set program to follow, flexible as it may be.

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