Intense. Lingering Leather and Spice

Although a tad bit on the pricey side, I feel Rabbit Hole hit a home run with this release and has left me dying to see what future Founder’s Collection releases will bring. Our founder’s family crest is proudly engraved into the top He likes his whiskey served neat at cask strength and always jumps at the chance to learn something new.

A nice creamy sweet vanilla quality lingers with plenty of oak and barrel char. Learn more about Matt’s whiskey preferences and check out more of his reviews…, TASTE: Sweet Corn  | Wheat | Pepper | Almonds. You can read my review of that whiskey here.

If $50 is pushing your comfort level you may want to try a pour first. Get Rabbit Hole Cavehill Straight Bourbon Whiskey for $64.99 See buyer reviews and tasting notes. complete with our signature cross- ribbon neck label Privacy Policy. It launches next month, priced at $70. **** transparency****, Kaveh’s leap into the rabbit hole allowed him to obtain both his dreams but he and Heather were not satisfied to just contract his innovative mash bill. There's no going back. Yet among the vast number of barrels I laid down when I began Rabbit Hole, years later I discovered a few exceptional barrels whose rye had a nearly transcendent quality. I would not say that the finish was overly complex or deep but I would not expect it to be for a young drink. Called Rabbit Hole Heigold, it’s

Wrapped with our eye-catching brand linen pattern this

of this heavy gold cork, while slanted grooves set at the same Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Rye Whiskey Review: Bottled at 47.5%, aged 3+ years and priced around $50. Rabbit Hole’s new whiskey is made with 70% corn, 25% malted rye, and 5% malted barley, aged for just under four years in toasted and charred new oak barrels, and bottled at 47.5% ABV. The nose is complex with a lot going on. The nose clearly exceeds the taste at this time. He has certifications from the Filson Historical Society’s Bourbon Academy and the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Academy.

Join our mailing list to receive blog post updates, breaking news, special offers, and entry into our bourbon-themed giveaways. Nope, next Kaveh, and his investors broke ground in October 2016 on a downtown Louisville distillery. held. Disclaimer: Rabbit Hole Distilling provided Bourbon & Banter with a sample of their product for this review. He also has served as Master Distiller for-a-day at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience under the tutelage of Artisanal Distiller Charlie Downs.Matt’s day job is instructing 7th grade World Geography, and he is the proud father of two daughters. Soft and luxurious, it features the bottle number Thank you. First Name Behold, Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Founder’s Collection. Atop that, we bet on an unorthodox, four-grain mash promising spice and honey and a fresh apple breeze.

This Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is the first cask strength release of Boxergrail and limited to only 1,315 bottles. that includes an individual bottle number. Besides the four-grain straight bourbon, Rabbit Hole has three other expressions: a 95% straight rye whiskey and 2 “Finger Print” Editions; a five year Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished three months in PX sherry casks and Kentucky Rye Barrel Finish London Dry Gin. It was her charm and beauty that pulled me down the rabbit hole and ever since then, I have felt a strong connection with the country side of Kentucky, the progressive southern vibrancy of Louisville and of course, Bourbon.

What happens when you chase both a woman and your dream of opening a distillery? Paying tribute to our iconic whiskey bottle, this Buy Rabbit Hole Bourbon Online. Kentucky whiskey distillery Rabbit Hole, based in Louisville, has done pretty well for itself since it was established back in 2012 by founder and whiskey maker Kaveh Zamanian. Matthew is the founder/owner of Whiskey Consensus and lead whiskey geek for the brand.

Open everyday from 4p.m.

If you are able to let go half a C-note in order to add to your collection then I think you should give it a try. Last Name

These events…. From the nose to the finish, you’re inundated with rich complex layers that overwhelm the senses. Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Straight Rye Whiskey, Rabbit Hole Dareringer PX Sherry Casks Bourbon, 90: Bourbon Hunting Season - The Bourbon Lens, Parker’s Heritage Heavy Char 10 Year Bourbon, Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Van Winkle Bourbon 2020 Annual Release Coming Soon, WOODFORD RESERVE LAUNCHES BACCARAT EDITION, Evan Williams Unveils New Packaging for the Bourbon Franchise, Heaven Hill Distillery Launches Season Two of “Tales from the Hill” Podcast, BHAKTA 50: The Armagnac secret that Whiskey drinkers need to know about, Elijah Craig Barrel Batch B516 Proof 139.4, Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch (2019 Release), Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond: 15 Year (Fall 2019). All rights reserved.

I know that Rabbit Hole will keep aging some of its stock in order to be able to release a four-year bourbon in 2018. Palate: Creamy and rich.

when we find what we love and go all in! She introduced me to Bourbon, luring me away from my beloved Scotch. This is the price point where many people begin to waffle on spending that kind of money on a new-to-market bourbon.

This would be a good blind-taste bourbon to see if your guest can identify the unique honey malted wheat. Please support me on Patreon! Rabbit Hole has re-opened for dine-in and take out service! A bold and interesting move in a young distillery. Louisville gave me access to the most creative minds, deepest palates and seasoned experts in the world of distilling. I’m sure it will develop a little more after sitting. ); the pursuit has developed into a full blown passion. It’s a time tested ratio that works and that cuts down on R&D for a young distillery. Anchored by a solid whiskey line up, Rabbit Hole found itself ultimately acquired by Pernod Ricard last year.. Enjoy reading The Whiskey Jug? Our Four-Grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a unique expression of American Whiskey.

Those are the barrels I harvested for the launch of Founder’s Collection and this is the Kentucky rye whiskey that I’ve created for my first cask-strength offering.” Email address: 711 E. Jefferson St. Louisville, KY 40202. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. That all being said, it’s much better than many craft distiller’s 2+-year-old bourbons, but at the $50+ price range, it will take more than that to get me to open my wallet and add it to my home collection. Long, Dry, with slight Nuttiness and Oak Buy Rabbit Hole Whiskey online here. According to Rabbit Hole, “this 1,315 bottle Limited Edition has been carefully aged for 6 years in hand-selected toasted and charred barrels crafted by Kelvin Cooperage.” Boxergrail Founder’s Collection consists of 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley, is bottled at 114.6 Proof, and has a suggested retail price of $195. An idea that centers on the belief that we are our best selves Click to explore our complete library of reviews to help you choose your next perfect bottle. Earlier this year the Corn Nuts reemerged with our eyes on Rye. until 2 a.m. Come join us for trivia on Mondays or our Tuseday skeeball tournaments. Rabbit Hole We use cookies (soaked in whiskey) to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. is jewel- like package is According to a press release, the Rabbit Hole distillery is slated to “open Fall 2017 with a production goal of 20,000 barrels a year and will offer daily tours, as well as tasting rooms, a gift shop, 160+ person event space and restaurant.”, In their desire to keep things local, Rabbit Hole “enlisted the help of fourth-generation craftsman at Vendome Copper & Brass Works to build a 24-inch column still and other distillation equipment.”. I have sampled many younger bourbons that I could not even finish.

Rabbit Hole is about taking chances, it's about taking the trip and experiencing something extraordinary and in the process finding something beautiful, something unique and singular. about Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire Review, Distilled in Indiana and California, and aged in Northern California, the Redwood Empire Emerald Giant Rye shows how climate plays into the aging of w…, Once a year the Malt Nuts change our name and swing our focus to America. It’s a good first effort from the brand but not quite where it needs to be to get a space in my collection at home.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole, the Belltown home of skeeball, whiskey, and late night food. It’s an interesting choice to copy their mash bill, but also a fairly smart one for a new distillery. It was then that Kaveh fell in love with Kentucky’s greatest exports and America’s native spirit. The mouthfeel is wonderful and quite viscous. During our countless conversations, she made me fall for Kentucky and for Bourbon in the same way I fell for her. Fruit upfront with a touch of vanilla, lemon pledge, orange custard, and lime jello. They produced their first barrel the same way they produce every barrel: from their own mix of carefully selected grains, the mash fermented at ideal temperatures to preserve exactly the flavors and aromas they're aiming for, then distilled without compromise. I believe that the unique four-grain mash bill helps to mask the infancy of the product. OVERALL: As this one sat open for a while, the nose started to remind me of some of the more floral Four Roses bourbons I’ve enjoyed.

Behold, Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Founder’s Collection. I like the way they approached this which makes me wonder even more about the decision they made with their Rabbit Hole Rye Whiskey . 114.6 proof They are called Fingerprint because the spirits are sourced – bourbon from Kirby, Wyoming and Gin from London – then placed in Rabbit Hole owned sherry casks and rye barrels respectively and thus leaving their “fingerprint” on the product. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Pingback: 90: Bourbon Hunting Season - The Bourbon Lens. Rabbit Hole Distillery is a Kentucky-based bourbon and whiskey distiller, inspired by modern approaches to whiskey making. Yet among the vast number of barrels I laid down when I began Rabbit Hole, years later I discovered a few exceptional barrels whose rye had a nearly transcendent quality.

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However, Rabbit Hole took this whiskey to another level with the 6-year Cask Strength Founder’s Collection release. In Bourbon Whiskey Reviews by Matt Evans January 16, 2017 Leave a Comment. You can also subscribe without commenting. After being aged for over two years in wood-fired, #3 char, white oak barrels – from Louisville-based Kelvin Cooperage – the first batch was dumped, bottled, and released in November 2016. Rabbit Hole Rye Whiskey is what happens when you take the traditional 95/5 mash bill from MGP and distill it and age it in Kentucky instead of in Indiana.

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gift carton cradles our exquisite bottle and begs to be

about Jim Beam High Rye Harvest Bourbon Review, about Dogfish Head Whiskey Finished In Palo Santo Marron Barrels Review, I'm kicking off this week’s mini-run of rye whiskey reviews with the Corsair Dark Rye which uses a combination of malted rye, malted chocolate rye a…, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Rye Whiskey Review…, Next up in our rye whiskey review mini series is the Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Rye Whiskey. Very interesting!

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