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power outage san francisco today

Hood and Welches where we implemented a public safety power outage. Hood where we implemented a public safety power outage. RT @ChristinaSFLaw: Bay Area folx--here's the tool on PGE's horrendous Web site to determine what outage block you're in if they start pull…, RT @EricWasserman1: #BREAKING @California_ISO says demand curve for power amid this #heatwave is starting to flatten, however #PGE customer…. Most Recent Report Date: Oct 04, 2020. Now it says that info is “not available at this time.” Meanwhile, their phone line has consistently said 11 tonight, though it says they still don’t know where the issue is. @portlandgeneral It's been 12 hours and still no power and I don't see any 'crews working' anywhere... Obviously PGE not in a hurry. We are still ouching from problems associated with past #lawsuits — having to do with #fire...And past #blackouts. But from Big Sur north you got hammered. © Ookla, LLC. A PG&E power outage is impacting about 4,000 customers Wednesday morning in San Francisco's Hayes Valley, Lower Haight and Duboce Triange neighborhoods. Help !!! @LADWP @MayorOfLA 5.5 hours later and still no update on power outage, despite crew being here. Why are we not able to discuss?? @WhoTries2Write This crash could have become a catastrophe: Roadshow, ‘I’ve never met an EV owner with a charging problem’: Roadshow, VTA’s app tells passengers if there is room to board: Roadshow. Have been trying to let PGE know. @garedicus ? Turns out this is the preemptive outage because of the fire danger from the killer winds. Oh wait, PGE's phone system and webt in OR is better despite fewer ppl and lower tax base? My suggestion to Governor Newsom, if you want an all electric emission state by 2035, start w/electrical grid. @eisner_greg @TheGodd69623245 • Not on rotating outage list. ^Rob. @paulgilpin Huh. Nice sunny day for a power outage. @portlandgeneral We are still ouching from problems associated with past #lawsuits — having to do with #fire...And past #blackouts. But the PGE website shows that the power is ON in my area. PGE is the only one that preemptively cut power to any of its customers. @blythecreek Hi Blythe, RT @EricWasserman1: #BREAKING @California_ISO says demand curve for power amid this #heatwave is starting to flatten, however #PGE customer…, @BakersRelay We heard about upgrades, right? So.... @ATT why when pge shuts off power in our town does cell service become totally unreliable? PGE really needs to work on this; if you're not giving any information to anyone on even any sort of basic estimate, there's a problem with how you coordinate. The "Bobcat" fire in LA may have started w/an SCE equipment issue. @tehandrew_ So damn thankful PGE isn't our electric provider. @DamonH @Maybis1424 @Plantagenet00 @GavinNewsom There are laws that prohibit the removal of oak trees and other growth. @salsamster @BennyCemoli @RichardGrenell It's not working though. How am I supposed to pay PGE, NW Natural or Tualatin Water or Republic Services IF I HAVE NO MONEY. @HunterJCullen Wind blew trees down everywhere, landing on live power lines. @sagarwalaajith @Bearre I called, so PGE’s automated response to reporting a power outage in my area. There was stronger winds a while I hope it isn't a snapped line. Advise PGE. A power outage to platform tracks at the Lake Merritt BART station caused major delays to the system Tuesday morning, officials with the agency … @blythecreek Hi Blythe, PGE outage site still says it's on (2 hrs later). How do you rate PG&E over the past 3 months? PGE says it will be back later tonight but also they showed or outage starting 12hrs earlier so ?

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