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notre dame class of 2023 profile

Overall applications increased by 9% over last year (2022 to 2023) from 20,370 to 22,200. The accomplishment itself is not sufficient for admission. University of Notre Dame. Learn about us. It seeks to be the world's foremost Catholic university. Like what you see? “The largest number of students came from public high schools — 43% — the next percent are Catholic [schools] — I think it’s 38% — and then 19% for private or charter schools.”. It is an exciting time to be at Notre Dame.”. of Notre Dame, Univ. That’s the lowest admit rate we’ve ever had. Tom is a senior at University of Notre Dame. “I think all of the top schools are really evaluating what sort of mechanisms have people use to maybe distort their profiles, We looked very quickly at our pool and we felt that we did our due diligence. Reflecting national trends, restrictive early action applications were up by 17 percent this year. “There were students that we would admit just two or three years ago, that we just couldn’t admit now.”. Test scores and good grades are far from the only factors that go into the admission decision process, Bishop said. Independent Educational Consultant. Parent (Class of 2023) The total number of applicants was not the only increase the admissions office noted. An increase of 1,825 students — about 9 percent — applied for this year’s application pool, comprising a record-breaking 22,200 applicants, Donald Bishop, the associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment, said. Campus Ministry at Notre Dame High School is an integral component of the school’s mission to educate the heart as well as the mind. Notre Dame Parents - Class of 2023 has 1,367 members. The average first year student comes from a median distance of 750 miles,” he said. They come from an increasingly more diverse set of geographic, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds as well as fields of academic interests. age range of students (24 - average age), 3.75 Box 779 / Notre Dame, IN 46556 Email: [email protected]. “This is the strongest group of intellectually creative and resourceful students we have ever attracted. “The credit goes to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions staff that is reading all of these applications, they are on the road and going to all of these different locations and schools,” Pratt said. We are inspired by the creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, humility, and ambition of the students who aspire to join the Notre Dame family. The Class of 2023 profile is below. “Another three percent are … born and raised in another country, but they have an American parent, so they’re able to claim dual citizenship.”. The number of QuestBridge Scholars was doubled; 42 National College Match Scholars will enroll at Notre Dame. “Each year Notre Dame has advanced its mission to attract a powerful group of young scholars from across the nation and across the globe. As of early January, here are the early admissions statistics for the Class of 2023. The proportion of the incoming class made up by students of color from the United States is 29%, up from last year’s 26%. “The more that the application numbers go up and the academic profile of the applicant pool goes up the more we feel we can be holistic in our approach, more creative. Application Numbers Generally speaking, more students are applying by early decision or early action deadlines across all schools, and that number continues to rise each year. It’s a goal of ours; we want to go out to all these diverse communities and find those who really believe in Notre Dame and the benefits of Notre Dame.”. We also want to grow in first generation and low-income [students]. 3,229. total number Christy Pratt, the University’s director of admissions, credited the admissions staff for their work in seeking to enhance the incoming freshman class. They come from an increasingly more diverse set of geographic, … Our one-to-one iPad program continues to inspire new teaching and learning methods that reflect the technological advancements of the world around us. It continues to increase its resources, both human and physical, to provide an outstanding education for all its students. Monthly newsletter about college admission trends. “We promoted the creativity side of Notre Dame more, and we looked for students who were responsive to that.”. We welcome students to participate in more than one sport and to enjoy a diverse high school experience. Notre Dame notified 7,334 Restrictive Early Action (REA) applicants on Friday, December 14, of their admission decisions. Phone: (574) 631-7471 / Fax: (574) 631-6927 / Address: The Observer / P.O. This is NOT an … All Rights Reserved. The class of 2023 not only impressed our admissions committee — they also inspired us,” he said. Total applications wereup 9 percent over the previous year. The number of admitted first-generation students is up 16 percent and the number of U.S. students of color has risen by 15 percent compared to last year. “If you add in the attribute … of lower income students that would need more than tuition and fees as a scholarship to come here — so they can’t pay a dime of tuition and fees and yet we’ve provided them with the support — when you add in first [generation], Pell and receiving more than tuition and fees, it’s around 22% of the whole class.”. On behalf of the entire Notre Dame athletic family, thank you for your participation and support as we continue our great athletic tradition. of Pennsylvania, Univ. The West and Southwest, Midwest and South round out the American portion of the class at 19%, 15% and 13% respectively. Notre Dame High School has a tradition of excellence. Private High School Counselor ”I think one of the great considerations when we’re picking an applicant pool for the enrolled class is ‘Which students will make the best use of the resources that have been put together at Notre Dame?’ I think more and more our students each year are engaging the academic, the social and the spiritual side of Notre Dame, the mission side of Notre Dame, more than any class before. “Top colleges are looking for students who won’t treat this as the biggest achievement of their life,” Bishop said. Undergraduate GPA Median (3.88 - 75th percentile, 3.34 - 25th percentile), 38 Notre Dame High School is a private Catholic secondary school. Though the school has become more diverse, its share of Catholic students has stayed consistent at about 80%. Please select role The process involves various factors, like the needs of the University’s various colleges and athletic programs, the diversity of the applicant pool, the academic and personal interests of applicants and other more qualitative factors. Those two groups, along with permanent residents of the United States and American students raised abroad, constitute 16% of the class, Bishop said. The class is currently composed of 3,410 admitted students from 2,050 different high schools. Out of 7,334 Restrictive Early Action (REA) applicants, Notre Dame admitted 1,534 applicants to the Class of 2023. “The new elite student is coming up with their own questions, they’re less enamored with and driven by coming up with the answers to whatever questions they think are going to be asked and they are a lot more interested in developing their own questions.”. I don’t want us to celebrate that. 21% of students come from the Northeast, 17% from the Southeast, 18% from the Midwest, 21% from the Central Midwest, 17% from the West/Southwest, and 6% attend high schools outside the U.S. “We’re six percent pure international, no connection to America whatsoever,” he said. “It’s just the next step and they want to use the college as a vehicle to get smarter, to get more creative and to enjoy learning more.”. Notre Dame, IN 46556 USA It is a powerful group of young students who possess an amazing capacity to become dynamic leaders.”. “So there is a group of applicants that have exceptional credentials but actually don’t have the motivation to become better, they’re just trying to outperform everybody,” Bishop said. Don Bishop, the University’s associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment, said the class of 2023’s yield rate — the number of admitted students who decided to come to Notre Dame — of 58.4% is a full percentage point higher than last year. For the Class of 2023, 1,534 students were admitted through the early admissions process. The Class of 2023 was the single most challenging year to be admitted to University of Notre Dame ever. Public High School Counselor “I think all of the top schools are really evaluating what sort of mechanisms have people use to maybe distort their profiles,” Bishop said. Notre Dame has released its regular admission decisions, and with it the profile of the class of 2023 has started to take shape. “I think there’s a real creativity available at Notre Dame to be whatever you want,” he said. The class of 2023 includes 318 students that are either international citizens or dual-citizen American students raised abroad by one American parent or one foreign parent. Overall, the University typically ranks among the top 10 schools in the nation for its enrollment rate and in the top six for universities that have early action rather than binding early decision programs. Over the course of the year, the University expects to welcome between 2,150 to... To uncover the truth and report it accurately. “We’re looking for students who will also use School of Global Affairs, I think that’s been a big gain,” Bishop said. University of Notre Dame. He is majoring in Political Science and Spanish and is originally from Rockville, Maryland. We’re looking for very different mindsets.”. Of that group, about 2,055 accepted Notre Dame’s offer of admission and are expected to arrive on campus this weekend as the class of 2023. Reflecting national trends, restrictive early action applications were up by 17 percent this year. ”But we really looked to increase the applicant pool with students who have the credentials that at least give them a 50/50 chance of admission. Students are here on campus every day of the week supporting each other, working collaboratively, developing leadership skills and building friendships. NDHS participates in the Mission League, which is one of the best and most competitive leagues in Southern California. 20-47 The Class of 2023 profile is below. Bishop also said that the recent college admissions scandal, while it didn’t involve Notre Dame, has caused the University and other top schools to take a look at their admissions processes.

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