Moreover, the 1905–06 tour gave rise to the famous “All Blacks” moniker, as the fame surrounding the black-clad team spread. During 1888-89, the New Zealand Native team became the first from a colony to visit Britain. Rugby is a team sport that is currently played in more than 120 countries across the globe. The site is very easy to use. Baskerville picked it up and noticed a report about a Northern Union match that over 40,000 people had attended. The team won all their games. More opportunities to play beyond the Saturday time slots have been emerging all over New Zealand, and diversity is an issue that is currently being debated in clubs across the country. [5] Meanwhile, New Zealander Albert Henry Baskervill had contacted the Northern Union to arrange a New Zealand tour, as he had just read about the game in the Wellington Post. [8] As Rod Chester and Nev McMillan described the scene: The NZRFU constitution contained much high-minded wording about promoting the image of rugby and New Zealand, and generally being a benefit to society. The team was captained by Thomas Ellison. I have, in turn, shared it with all my referees in my regions (for which there are a number of referees in your data base) and I have nothing but praise and complements for what you have done. Thanks again for your efforts (for which I can only imagine are enormous) and I hope you continue to enter the details and expand your website. The brand name New Zealand Rugby was adopted in 2013 for "everyday" use because it was seen as less "stuffy"[1] and the word "Union" had some negative connotations.[8]. We are burying a good friend and ex-southland rugby player this Friday in Invercargill with many of the local rugby men that feature on your site (we have checked!) If it is possible to incorporate your suggestions then I will do it. On Saturday 16 April 1892, in a meeting held in Wellington, the New Zealand Rugby Union was formed. SANZAR, renamed SANZAAR with the 2016 entry of Argentina as a full member of the body, remains an important rugby organisation and organises The Rugby Championship (originally the Tri Nations) and the Super Rugby competition. Hi KerryI just came across your website is amazing.Michael O'DwyerTipperary, Ireland. The organisation had been screening these community matches for 19 years. However, the New Zealand rugby map would be repeatedly redrawn in the following decades. "NZRU" redirects here. It is thought that by the mid-1870s, the game had been taken up by the majority of the colony. In 1985 the NZRFU proposed an All Black tour of South Africa. It gives me great pleasure to write this character reference about this website. Often referees (and players) simply drop off the system and the only records are in books and word of mouth (especially the less known personnel) but for them (and me), to search through and find our names and details of our 1st class accomplishment is very flattering and a sense of pride is established as we show our children or colleagues/friends of years gone by. New Zealand was supposed to jointly host the 2003 World Cup with Australia, but a disagreement with the IRB saw the tournament given to Australia in its entirety. Since I was a kid I’ve been a bit of a sports stats geek – over the years I have progressed from A4 exercise books with scribbles and cross-outs, to Word and Excel – much more user friendly and secure. At the time, three major South Island Provincial Unions – Canterbury, Otago and Southland – resisted the creation of a central authority. Just wanted to drop you a line to say that Trevor Howard from New Zealand Rugby has advised me/us (fellow REO’s) of your website. The 1981 Springbok Tour, or The Tour, went down as one of the most controversial rugby tours ever. Following the establishment of the national governing body, the first NZRFU national sanctioned tour was undertaken in 1893, when a ten-game tour of Australia was played. The NZRU comprises 17 North Island provincial unions and 9 South Island provincial unions. New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is the governing body of rugby union in New Zealand. They can fade and forget and get things muddled up. Keep up the great work. There was a separate relegation system in place for each the North and South, ensuring the number of teams from each island. In August 2017, however, Toyota Grassroots Rugby announced that it would no longer be broadcasting the games. My stats have always been my own hobby and pleasure and never shared with anybody. KerryFirstly, this is an awesome website – love all the work you’ve done. Various codes of football were played in New Zealand in the years following white settlement. It was a tight game, with Allan Hewson, the New Zealand full-back kicking a long range penalty to win the game 25-22. This in turn became New Zealand’s first inter-district rugby match. I've finally been able to start on inputting 1975 information. Administrative responsibilities were initially held by honorary secretaries, and then secretaries, from 1907. The latter win made the All Blacks the first side ever to successfully defend a Rugby World Cup title. In 1987, the All Blacks won the inaugural Rugby World Cup against France, hosted by New Zealand and Australia. It was founded in 1892 as the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU), 12 years after the first provincial unions in New Zealand. During the final test match at Eden Park, a low flying plane dropped flour bombs over the pitch. The Honours Board of all NZ Rugby's Annual Awards. Your website is a priceless asset to the NZ rugby fabric, and I can only hope that you can access some kind of sponsorship or support of some kind from NZ Rugby or other avenues. Christchurch Football Club, which is now the oldest rugby club in the country, was founded in 1863. Acknowledgements: My thanks to the authors of the many NZ Rugby Almanacks which I have been able to use for much of the information, especially to Geoff Miller & Clive Akers. Of course this is helped by the ease of access (as opposed to searching through books and magazines). New Zealand Rugby's management and staff reports to an executive team headed by the Chief Executive Officer. The boy returned to Nelson in January 1870, where he joined the Nelson Football Club. The All Blacks are New Zealand's number one national rugby side and have rated among the best in the world for well over 100 years. Our History New Zealand Rugby (formally the New Zealand Rugby Union) was formed in 1892 to administer the game of rugby union at the national level. The professional era in rugby union began in 1995, marked by creation of the SANZAR group (a combination of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia) which was formed with the purpose of selling TV rights for two new competitions, the domestic Super 12 competition and the Tri-Nations.. It was up to schools to keep rugby going and from 1917 representative fixtures featured these younger players. The one thing that struck me in doing my own NPC stats research is the vast number of players whose career is limited to one game (or part game) for a minor union. The remaining provinces contested a split second division, though South and North teams did not meet each other, instead played their respective Island clubs. You can Search for any player, referee or coach. The modern version of the game is traced back to 1820s England, when a Rugby School student called William Webb Ellis defied the rules of the era’s traditional football matches by taking the ball in his arms and running forward with it, instead of carrying it back to his own line as was then expected. Auckland have been the most successful team in the NPC's history with 16 championships including the last in 2005. It played by its own rules for many years. The 1981 Springboks tour of New Zealand was compromised by demonstrations, and the tourists had to be kept under strict security throughout their visit. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. Click the links in the menu to view the Rugby History. Beginning in 2012 the series will be Joined with the Argentina Pumas to create The Rugby Championship. 1995 News Corporation's rights to professional rugby bolstered All Blacks Josh Kronfeld and Jeff Wilson signed contracts with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU), heralding the victory of Rupert Murdoch over Kerry Packer in a battle for the right to televise professional rugby. Any provincial union in New Zealand may nominate candidates for vacant elective positions. Rugby fans filled the stadiums, yet equal numbers of fans protested the games outside the stadiums. The NZRU also joined with the national unions of Australia and South Africa to form SANZAR, which sold the television rights for major southern hemisphere rugby competitions and helped to build the commercial foundation on which professional rugby is based. Der Verband repräsentierte zunächst sieben Provinzen. This function even allows you to search by Province or Super 15 Franchise or even by club (for a player).

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