Specialises in helping students who have found that rigid, traditional approaches don't work for them. This is a trap and the same scam as described above. It is the highest national capital in … The show starts around 5pm with men fighting for the 1st hour before letting the Cholitas on the ring. (Feb 2014) Very bright, new, clean but basic hotel. The people of La Paz, Bolivia, are used to the altitude. Only about four blocks from Plaza San Francisco/Plaza Mayor and the same from Plaza Murillo. However, I’d been at altitude for over two weeks – first in Arequipa in Peru (2,344 metres), and then I’d just spent a week at Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, which lay at 3,841 meters.. Plus, I’d never experienced altitude sickness before in my life. If you prefer medicines, you can also ask a travel doctor about Diamox, which is an effective remedy against altitude sickness. It's is highly recommended that you have adequate travel insurance, familiarize yourself with the symptoms of altitude sickness, and inform your physician to what elevation you will be traveling (up to 4,000 meters/13,000 ft. for La Paz, and 6,000 meters/20,000 ft. if you want to climb Huayna Potosi). You can hail a bus or mini bus anywhere; to get off, just yell out "¡voy a bajar!". Snowfall would be much greater were it not for the extreme dryness in the winter, and snow in the summer happens on occasion every few years and is actually not that rare. Normal day buses cost around Bs 20 while "full cama" (flat bed) buses, for example Bolivar, cost Bs 90. If you ever find yourself to be lost, in general the easiest thing is to simply walk downhill. Aerosur 727-200 landing La Paz Airport ''El Alto'' Bolivia 4,061.5 m / 13,325 ft. For lunch try the little almuerzo kitchens. First, one sees the sprawling shantytowns of El Alto, slowly giving way to the sight of La Paz itself, clinging tenuously to the sides of what looks like a large gash in the earth. Great location, one block from tourist street Sagàrnaga. Ejercito west of the city center. A trufi will generally cost you Bs 3-3.50. The El Choro Trek is an amazing trek starting in the mountains at La Cumbre (4700m)and ending in the jungle at Chairo (1500m). The most popular maps, including the 1:250 000 version of Cordillera Real and the 1:50 000 version of Volcan Sajama are sold by street vendors that roam Calle Sagarnaga and from stalls along el Prado. Authentic Japanese food in this restaurant run by the Japanese Society in La Paz. The Green line starts in Zona Sur and passes over Obrajes before ending at the beginning of the Yellow line. This chart will help you find oxygen levels at altitudes you are interested in, starting with the oxygen content of the air at sea level. When returning to the airport, please give yourself plenty of time if taking the bus. Juan de Vargas), Miraflores, between Parque Laicacota and Estadio Obrero. This is more of a book store than anything else, they do not have much equipment at all. Brand new in 2012. A half block from Plaza Avaroa, offers great vietnamese and thai food. The satellite city of El Alto, in which the airport is located, is spread over a broad area to the west of the canyon, on the altiplano. Plaza Murillocontains government buildings and the city cathedral. Museum San Francisco, Plaza San Francisco. La Paz is a city which can be a sight in itself, and there are several viewing places or miradores offering impressive panoramas.

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