John McClane: Oh, we are just up to our ass in terrorists again, John?

I'm still alive, ain't I? Co-Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Ref speed +20. “Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister.”.

Say it again. I will call you in 15 minutes on the payphone outside the station.

Celebrity interviews, recipes and health tips delivered to your inbox. John McClane: Cuz I know the man, I know the family. FBI Agent Andy Cross: Did you recognize the voice on the phone? John McClane: [to Al Powell] Take the Twinkie out of your mouth and grab a pencil, will ya? Agent Johnson: What're you talking about? “But, all things being equal, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.”, 5. At the other end of the sidewalk, we see Sheldon set down his roller and start to reach for his gun, At the end of the sidewalk, O'Reilly presses the stop button that shuts down the walkway. Jack McClane: [looking out the window] John! You seem to be logged out. Step two: the financial base and telecoms. Please don't add to it. They're gonna be sending us THEIR planes!

Please try again. Matt Farrell: I *swear* to you, I know her! John McClane: Oh you look very familiar to me. John McClane: Me and my boy here, we're gonna put a whuppin' on ya! There are rules for policemen. John McClane: How about, "Yippi-kay-ay, motherfu - ". Gen. Ramon Esperanza: [smiles] Don't worry about it. John McClane: No more bullets. Hans, babe, put away the gun, this is radio, not television. I didn't realize they celebrated Christmas in Japan. That's not your thing, John. FBI Agent: [in the police van with FBI agents] The name Gruber mean anything to you, lieutenant? John McClane: Something had to get you off the street. Hey, listen, we got a report of a guy coming through here with, uh, eight reindeer. Hans Gruber: Thanks. John McClane: [Zeus has picked up a stray gold ingot and attempts to carry it out with him] Put that shit down. Samantha Coleman: You give me this story and I'll have your baby. McClane dives to the ground. 21 Savage And Metro Boomin’s ‘Savage Mode II’ Surpasses Its Predecessor, Wild Pink Breaks Down One Of Our Favorite Album Of 2021 (So Far), YG Shows Consistency And Growth On The Concise ‘My Life 4Hunnid’, Walton Goggins On ‘John Bronco,’ His Life And Career, And Running Through The House With A Pickle In Your Mouth, The ‘SNL’ You Remember Isn’t Coming Back Anytime Soon, The Greatest Food Porn Scenes In Cinema History — From Timpani To Big Kahuna Burgers — And What We Can Learn From Them, The Best Ways To Research Down Ballot Candidates And State Measures, ‘Eskimo Pies’ Have Rebranded — Here Are Other Products That Should Consider Doing The Same, Today Is The Voting Registration Deadline For Multiple States — Here’s How To Register Now, Alex Gibney’s New Documentary On The Pandemic, ‘Totally Under Control,’ Might Make You Want To Scream.

I can see the array.

All I know, is... Carmine Lorenzo: Oh, he's not sure! So, how is Jack?
You lookin' for trouble, or does it always seem to find *you*? Please check your email to confirm your subscription. John McClane: Hey dickhead!

Matthew Farrell? See if you can get him to focus. Do you understand me, John? You can't hurt it. The guy and his wives aren't going anywhere. Matt Farrell: Oh, it's a myth? Mr. My number is... John McClane: [Interrupting] Woah, whoa wait a minute I didn't get all that. John McClane: You know, after all these years, I still ask myself the same question.

Even when you’re in the thick of it, it’s important to keep everything in perspective, and not let yourself get bogged down by incidentals. John McClane: [referring to the dispatcher for the Coast Guard, he attempted to call] She told me to stay on the line. Or should I call you, Mr. McClane?

Carmine Lorenzo: McClane, you keep out of this! But when a bad situation seems like it’s about to get way worse, sometimes all you can do to combat it is to think outside the box, as McClane does here by duct taping a handgun to his back, much to the shock of a bested Hans Gruber, who is about 30-seconds away from his own rapidly baddening situation. Happy birthday, Bruce Willis. John McClane: It's Detective McClane, asshole. John McClane: [fires upwards several times riddling Marco with bullets. Inspector Cobb: [to Simon] I can appreciate your feelings for McClane. John McClane: The code's still punched into this one. What do you want me to say? I mean, you talking about a hijacking, a robbery or what? Now look, no one gets outta here until these guys can talk to the *LA* police, and that just ain't gonna happen until you stop messin' up the works, capisci? John McClane: Oh, you're in charge? This may sound like a wild goose chase, but, I think I just saw... Sgt. John McClane: [Getting out a pack of cigarettes] Do you smoke?

John McClane: [after realizing that all of the city's cops are busy searching schools for Simon's bomb] What is it that Wall Street doesn't have? John McClane: Shut up Ellis, just shut your mouth!

John McClane: You know how to hot-wire this thing? Hans: [covers the radio] I read about them in Time magazine. What's Lesson #2, the neutron bomb? It's the police. Trudeau: [goes over to the window and looks out over the airfield] Murder on television. Pearl Harbor didn't work out so we got you with tape decks. Hans Gruber: [while mimicing a hostage] Yeah. You are posting comments too quickly. John McClane: Come on. Zeus: [tied with John to the liquid bomb on the freighter] Damn McClane, you know I was just starting to like you. Now, you listen to me, jerk-off, if you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem. Stewardess (Windsor Flight 114): [to one passenger] Oh not to worry, we've made arrangements for your next flight so you won't miss it. And what is it they've got a shitload of? Colonel Stuart: Activate the ILS landing system. Simon: [on a phone] Rear guard, you can close up now. John McClane: No, I'm not that smart. [Hearing Esperanza communicating over the radio instead of over the tower frequency, Garber hands Stuart a radio]. John McClane: Hans, this shit-head does not know what kind of man you are, but I do. Did you know he was Collector of Customs right here in New York? Simon: We've reached the dam, you can come up now. Yippie-kai-yay, motherfucker. FBI Agent Andy Cross: How 'bout this one?

He's stepped on so many toes in this department, by this time next month he's gonna be a security guard. “You’d have made a pretty good cowboy yourself, Hans.”, 10. Fist with your toes. As the debris settles, McClane gets to his feet], [Dead silence in the church; Stuart picks up the phone]. John McClane: [McClane watches fire trucks approach the building] C'mon baby, come ta' papa, I'll kiss ya' fuckin' dalmatian.

Jack McClane: Killing bad guys!

They went for the antenna array. But believe me, the jerk isn't worth it. But not for a long time. Assuming it's not a computer error, what do we assume? That doesn't make it classic. You got a problem with that? Colonel Stuart: I think Cardinal Richilieu said it best: "Treason is merely a matter of dates." Now we're here to take Colonel Stuart down. There's your fricken landing-light! I am doing the country a favor. John McClane: Hey, well, as far as I'm concerned, progress peaked with frozen pizza. Zeus: [after stealing the Business Man's car] That guy was pissed.

Incorrect email or username/password combination. 600 feet. John McClane: Guess I was wrong about you. John McClane: No, man, stay with me, what is it that Wall Street doesn't have? Did 7 years for good behavior. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? C-o-b-b. John McClane: I could come and find you, kick your ass and throw you out of your own party. Taylor: Yeah, it's a myth anyway. John McClane: Yeah, well, it looks like the pros are on the wrong team tonight. [McClane starts waving his improvised torches, as the pilots start landing procedures]. [They head on their separate ways, though Stuart takes a second look at McClane as he disappears into the crowd].

Zeus: [slowly walking up to John, seeing the billboard his wearing has an offensive phrase towards African Americans] Morning.

Come on, in your seat. Your account was created. I didn’t realize they celebrated Christmas in Japan.”, 2. They've reset ground level minus 200 feet! The pilots' screams are audible on Stuart's systems], [a fireball engulfs the plane as burning debris hurtles down the runway.

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