Before you move to Italy, keep in mind that there's a high level of unemployment there, so you'll want to make sure you have a job secured or enough money saved up to support yourself. Today we bought our plane tickets, so we’re one big step closer to our year in Italy! When was your first time in Italy? When we talked about it, they remembered Italy from a couple of years before and asked if we could go there, so we said “sure”. In your agriturismo, you offer amazing food experiences. Theoretical knowledge is frowned upon in Italy and most jobs require experience. Posted on July 31, 2015 by Jason Mark. And…will your kids be going to an English speaking/American school? Tess and Rachael have been pretty much running it for the past couple of years. Still working on school for the 4-year-old. 24 hours later we got a call from the consulate and they actually answered questions and told us what we needed and helped us get paperwork! Do you have tips for people studying Italian? First of all, would you like to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your life and work? Log in. So, yeah. Was it difficult for you to learn it? Expatriates will find that their living costs will vary according to the area of Italy within which they live. I do feel lucky. All in all, investing in central living is well worth it - you'll get one of the most beautiful walks to work in the world, and flatshares can be found using sites such as EasyStanza to keep costs low. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Other than Nuance and SNHU Christine and I haven’t been involved with any of our larger clients in years. Cook. Our house is rented. What was your experience with learning Italian? We wanted to go once everyone was out of diapers, and before anyone got to high school. But there’s more to it. We are hoping we’ll get some visitors. Any Italian wedding though particularly one in the south I would guess. Is there something you still cannot get used to and probably never will? Build a farm, grow unbelievable organic produce and then serve it to your guests either on grand, traditional hours-long Sunday lunches or to your guests who stay with you throughout the year. As a member of the EU, Italy adopted the Euro as its unit of currency in 2002. And of course to focus on family. Every July 2nd Matera celebrates its patron saint by spending thousands of euros on a huge float, riding it through the city with horses and then completely destroying it in a frenzied attack in the town centre. web geeks, marketing geeks, and business owners. Moving To Italy. Best of luck to you and your family!! Definitely let me know if you have questions but otherwise we’re just packing our life into our basement (well Christine is). Finally Elena (who babysits for us) bugged us to call someone at the congressman’s office she volunteers at. And is there something of Italy you feel you’d really miss if you ever moved back to the UK? I think we’re in good shape. A wedding. The same regional variations apply to Italy. Christine already has a student visa (she’s going to learn Italian, so studious of her). Maybe I’m wrong but I think friends picture me having long lunches everyday on bougainvillea covered verandas overlooking the canals in Venice or waters of the Almalfi Coast. Italy is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency. Besides Erik and Marlene are co-owners and are still living in the other half of the house. But these averages can be used in a back-of-the-envelope estimate of how much income you need to retire in Italy. ( Log Out /  There are two times of year I don’t advise moving to Italy. Evans November 20, 2013. We’re trying to get school records. Maybe do some contract work. Theoretical knowledge is frowned upon in Italy and most jobs require experience. We talked about wanting to have a bunch of kids (we only have 4 so far, but we’re also still in line for adoption and considering foster kids when the 4 we have now are older)… but we also talked about our excitement to take a sabbatical and travel with kids and live in a different country. Can you tell people why they should visit Basilicata? Italian men have a reputation for being family oriented and for being wonderful lovers. Reading time 7 minutes. If this is out of the question, opt for a commute using one of the (relatively good) tram lines. None of us speak much Italian but we’ve all tinkered with Duolingo. The office is rented to Gravity Switch, and we have a long-term tenant in the second floor (UMass CompSci), and we just rented the third floor out, so that’s all good. Was it difficult to get used to a new country, in terms of culture and work? Starting to work in Italy is a pain. We tried RentNoho and they were pretty sloppy and only got us one person to look at the house in two months, so Emily found a place to list sabbatical houses and we got a bunch of leads, including a really great couple who will be renting our house for a year while they build on some property they bought in the area. The other period of time is Christmastime. What is your favorite Italian dish and why? Maybe start a new business. Hello Greg! Staying at an Agriturismo. Change ). How long have you been living in Italy now? They’re also famous for being cheaters, liars, and scammers. It’s considered one of the most dangerous festivals in Europe and it’s a day-long affair of market stalls, parades, exhilaration, and fireworks. We’ve both been working MANY MANY hours for 15 years and saving up for this (single car family, small appartment with housemates for many years, etc.). We were leaning towards Europe, but also interested in Central/South America. 1. If you sign up, you'll get updates about Instantly Italy and access to Your Italian Toolbox, a library of Italian language materials. We will make *some* money from our business while away, but we’re planning dipping into savings by about $100,000 this year. About 15 years ago Christine and I talked about our life plan. Spend time with each other. The apartment we’re renting is furnished so we’ll have something. It’s a totally crazy affair where you’ll eat like you’ve never eaten before and have an amazing time! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now one town in the country is offering foreigners $10,000 to move there. We wanted a country that none of us spoke the language so that we couldn’t lean on someone as an excuse not to learn. We have one real-estate property, and are renting our house for more than our monthly rent here in Siena. ( Log Out /  We’re moving to Italy with the kids. A couple of questions I have: should I assume you earn a good income wherever you are? You live in an amazing yet quite remote location, in terms of tourism. We’ve been to Boston 5 times to try to get visas and have another appointment in a week. Everyone pays with Google Wallet so the money just shows up in our bank accounts, and we can pay Steve electronically. Maybe write a book, or self-publish the last book I wrote instead of pestering agents and publishers and such. They’re family run and often set in stunningly beautiful places. About 15 years ago Christine and I talked about our life plan. Your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Your email address will not be published. It’s been so much fun to see them take on new things and nail them…. Starting to work in Italy is a pain. Come in September. I ask this question every time but I am too curious about it, probably because it’s the question that gets the funniest answers: speaking of cultural differences, what is the biggest culture shock you experienced? But ultimately the kids decided. And…will your kids be going to an English speaking/American school? read a bit about my own move and how I did very little planning, complete list of the Italian embassies in in the world, “Living, Studying, and Working in Italy: Everything You Need to Know to Live La Dolce Vita” by Monica Larner, Travis Neighbor Ward, Italy Magazine (UK) also has an extensive forum, How to Network for Life (And Why You Should), several networking groups in Italy on my Italy-Milan links page, Forbes about the biggest companies in Italy, Prego was my university textbook that I still use today, italiano per straniere course list for the Comune di Milano, 10 Mistakes Tourists Make when Visiting Italy, « Fichi d’India – Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Vinaigrette, Help – Your Paris/Edinburgh Recommendations »,, The Guide to Italian Aperitivo and Drinks in Italy, Laduree Macarons and Finding the Perfect Macaron Recipe, An Introduction to Italian Candy - Caramelle. I am the primary earner. Food is a key part of Italian culture, after all. If so, in what ways? Basilicata is a bit off-the-beaten-track when it comes to traditional Italian tours. So apparently Americans need a visa to stay in Europe for more than 90 days and there isn’t a tourist visa after 90 days. Once they have them, my mom can, then me and the kids. Not sure how great the accommodations will be. A couple of questions I have: should I assume you earn a good income wherever you are? Discover Italy's Secret Southern Region: An Interview with Greg Foster of the La Lucana Experience | Away to Italy, [Hidden Italy] The peaceful beauty of inland Ligurian villages: Apricale and Perinaldo, Using Instagram Stories For Your Italian Listening Practice. It’s been crap honestly. I am giving a talk in Barcelona in September. However, despite this, it is widely accepted that the cost of living in Italy is higher than many other countries in the EU.

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