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Some time after the first film has passed, and its Mavis Dracula (Selena Gomez) and Jonathan Loughran's (Andy Samberg) wedding day. Dracula is then left less than amused when he learns Dennis thinks monsters are always kind and share cake, due to Kakie The Cake Monster DVDs. Release date When Mike and Linda bring up the idea of having Dennis move to where they live, Dracula explains that can't happen as Johnny is in charge of making the hotel more human-friendly. - Frankenstein, "He'll be fanging out in no time!" Johnny also tries to teach Dracula how to handle a smart phone, but with no success due to his long fingernails. A livid Bela then attempts to kill Johnny himself with a stake. Dracula (Adam Sandler), Griffin the Invisible Man (David Spade), Murray the Mummy, Frank (Kevin James), Mavis (Selena Gomez), Wayne (Steve Buscemi) and Johnny (Andy Samberg), Johnny (Andy Samberg), Mavis (Selena Gomez), Dracula (Adam Sandler), Wayne (Steve Buscemi), Eunice (Fran Drescher), Frank (Kevin James), Murray the Mummy, Vlad (Mel Brooks), Mavis (Selena Gomez), Dracula (Adam Sandler) and Johnny (Andy Samberg), Dennis (Asher Blinkoff) and Dracula (Adam Sandler) with Wayne (Steve Buscemi) and Frank (Kevin James) looking on, Dracula (Adam Sandler), Frank (Kevin James), Wayne (Steve Buscemi), Griffin the Invisible Man (David Spade) and Murray (Keegan-Michael Key), Dennis (Asher Blinkoff) and Dracula (Adam Sandler), "So you're really okay about him not being a monster" - Mavis, "Cause your daddy's girl...or boy" - Jonathan, "No one will ever harm you as long as I live" - Dracula, "Cool, you got your tooth knocked out" - Jonathan, "Have they even had a vaction since they were married?" Drac confronts Vlad about how humans are different now. Hotel Transylvania 2 Deleted Scene - Blu-ray DVD Special Feature. [64] Despite previously leaving the series to direct other projects, Genndy Tartakovsky will return as director for this installment. Music by [2], American girl group Fifth Harmony recorded a song for the film entitled "I'm in Love with a Monster". Genndy Tartakovsky [7] Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $159.48 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues for the film. Tartakovsky will return as the director, even though he originally was too busy due to his developing an adaptation of Popeye. However, Mavis points out that the baby might be human like Johnny. Mavis scolds her father for endangering Dennis and his inability to accept that he is human. They are attacked by Bela, who mistakes Dennis for a human. "[18] The next month it was announced that a sequel had been greenlit, and was scheduled for release on September 25, 2015. The video release removed Kakie's diabetes joke at 18:34 that was in the theatrical release due to pressure from parents groups. Johnny talks to Dracula about updating the acts for the humans. : IAmA", "Hotel Transylvania 2 Costars Nick Offerman and Wife Megan Mullally: Who's Funnier? "[50], Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle gave the film one out of four stars, saying "Hotel Transylvania 2 is an unfortunate throwback to about 20 years ago, when animated movies were more widely accepted as cinematic babysitters. Dracula explains it's due to him not being "hip" with humans like they are now. Hotel Transylvania 2 is the sequel to Hotel Transylvania. It was suggested by director Genndy Tartakovsky that Adam Sandler had more creative control over this film than its predecessor and that at times he was difficult to work with. Attempting to leave, a zombie wants to kiss him; Dracula snarls in response. [31] During its opening weekend, Hotel Transylvania 2 earned $48.5 million from 3,754 theaters, which at the time set new records such as the highest opening for a Sony Pictures Animation film, the biggest opening in Adam Sandler's career, beating 2005's The Longest Yard ($47.6 million),[32][33] and previously held the biggest opening in the month of September (record overtaken by It in 2017). Noticing the potential dangers of Transylvania, Mavis starts to consider raising Dennis where Johnny grew up, much to Drac's disapproval. The newlyweds then share a dance; Dracula and Linda take their respect turns with their child. Drac and his friends reach the hotel a couple of seconds after Mavis. Dracula takes Dennis to a summer camp, Camp Winnepacaca, where he learned his vampire abilities, to no avail either. Filming & Production [35] According to Rentrak's PostTrak reports, 23% of the audience bought tickets because it was an animated film, while 16% were attracted to the toon's subject matter and plot. [42][43], On Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a rating of 56%, based on 108 reviews, with an average rating of 5.24/10. Frankenstein voiced by Kevin James and 2 … [36] It was released in 42 markets between September 25 and 27, 2015, the same weekend as its North American release, and earned $30.18 million from 6,500 screens that weekend. When Mavis and Johnny go on a visit to Johnny's parents, Drac calls his friends to help him make Dennis a vampire. Mavis is angered by her grandfather’s treachery and while the family quarrels, an upset Dennis flees the hotel and enters the forest with Winnie in tow, but they are attacked by Bela who, after being bitten by Winnie and thrown away. Dracula, Mavis, and Dennis team up to defeat Bela’s minions. Bigfoot cries, accidentally soaking Johnny's mother Linda (Megan Mullally). [66] On February 6, 2017, the release date was moved up to July 13, 2018. Dracula attempts to see Mavis, but is kept away by a monster doctor, who informs him that only the father is allowed in the delivery room. [22], In March 2015, it was announced that Mark Mothersbaugh, who scored the first film, had signed on to score the sequel. "[54] Josh Kupecki of The Austin Chronicle gave the film one out of five stars, saying "Channeling your inner child, you may find solace in Hotel Transylvania 2, but in the end it has no bite, doing continued disservice to the Universal monsters it scabs out, and adding another soiled feather to Sandler's cap of mediocrity. These characters appear in the Hotel Transylvania franchise created by comedy writer Todd Durham. Johnny's family arrives at Hotel Transylvania, a bit uncomfortable with being around monsters, but the ceremony commences without a problem. While the China figures are low in comparison to recent Hollywood movie openings, it actually excelled the first film's local lifetime gross by 19% in just the first six days. About a year later, Dracula is painting in his room; it seems he's making an impressionist painting, but its revealed to be an accurate portrait of the monster, Todd. Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Columbia Pictures | Mavis surprises her dad by explaining she and Johnny aren't moving out; however, she then wonders why he didn't invite her grandfather, Vlad. Run time "[51] Sandie Angulo Chen of The Washington Post gave the film two out of four stars, saying "Tartakovsky hasn't created the sort of sequel that eclipses the original, but then again the original wasn't exactly Toy Story or How to Train Your Dragon. Noticing that he has no fangs, he believes that fear will cause Dennis’ fangs to sprout and manipulates a stage performer (who was disguised as Kakie) into scaring Dennis, but Dracula shields his grandson and tells Vlad, who is outraged, that Dracula has accepted humans as guests in his hotel. Some time after the first film has passed, and its Mavis Dracula (Selena Gomez) and Jonathan Loughran's (Andy Samberg) wedding day. As Vlad is much worse than he was when it comes to humans, Drac tells Johnny to have the human party-goers disguise themselves as monsters. [29], Max Nicholson of IGN awarded it a score of 6.5 out of 10, saying "While Genndy Tartakovsky's animation is top-notch, Hotel Transylvania 2 doesn't live up to the first monster mash. [11] On April 24, 2020, it was announced that it would be moved to August 6 of the same year. Vowing to never let harm come to Dennis, Dracula blows his cover as Mavis asks for her son back; pretending to be "nurse Francine", Dracula gives Dennis back to Mavis. Navigator Hotel Transylvania Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. After the events of the first film, Mavis and her new fiancé Johnny are finally married, with the approval of her father Dracula, and the world becomes aware, and unafraid of the existence of monsters. (voice) (uncredited), digital producer (as Lisa Jacqueline Bechard), associate production manager: visual development, production management: Sony Pictures Animation, production manager (as Michelle L.M. [10] YouTube film critic Caillou Pettis of the channel TwistedFalcon scored the film a B, and stated the film "is a very fun sequel."[11]. Regarding the film's successful opening, Josh Greenstein, Sony's president of marketing said, "We had a great date, and this is a big win for Sony Pictures Animation. Ethan Smigel as Troy: Dennis' cousin and Johnny's nephew. There are a lot of fun ideas we could totally play with. Mavis then decides to move out of the hotel after Dennis’ fifth birthday.

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