It connects to your home router via WiFi or PoE cable, so that you can remotely access the doorbell with your smartphone or tablet. The open API and ONVIF compatible can integrate with third-party systems and SIP. In your case, please let us know if the brand of the NAS you are using is Synology or QNAP? Will this limitation be removed one day and is it true regardless of the version of Homebase? My location currently has no doorbell wiring, and I’m looking for an appropriate transformer for the (original, wired) Eufy doorbell. But, I just saw a post on Reddit, where somebody stated it could only record send 2 streams at a time to a NAS / NVR. Price: $160 Bottom line: The Eufy Video Doorbell is a fantastic low priced alternative to the bigger brands. If not, we will do our best to resolve this issue for you. Clarifications would indeed be welcome because I am about to buy new Eufy cameras which I also intend to add in RTSP to my Synology. The Quest for a Door Bell Camera. Local video storage. According to our engineers, some of NAS can only record two cameras at a time to the local NAS. I’ll hold of and decide though based on the response… Please could an update be posted? You may check it on the Homebase. One downside of that type of resolution is the wide 16x9 aspect ratio. have the Eufy WIRED Doorbell, no RTSP but works with Google ChromeCast, I have one in each tv and a Google Mini in a few rooms, ( add eufy via google home app and give it a name - frontdoor ) then Hey Google show frontdoor camera on Bathroom TV BINGO its there ( spool up time is about 1 sec, but crystal clear! Please keep an eye on the APP update.” But to answer your question, my NAS is licensed for 4x RTSP streams, so this would not be the cause of the issue. We can help you to resolve this issue if you could confirm the following information: I emailed Eufy support inquiring about RTSP support for their doorbell and received a reply back: “Thanks for contacting Eufy Customer Service. For the doorbell, it is expected to support the RTSP in June.

It’s using a lot of that resolution on a wider image instead of using it on more height. Read our online net worth guide. I get this when trying to turn on a 3rd camera, I’m sure I’ve turned on all 4 in the past when the feature was released, I’m guessing an update has limited it, Is there any clarification on this yet? So I embarked on finding a doorbell camera. Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera, Micro SD Card, PIR Motion Detector, RTSP, IP55 Weatherproof, 2 … I just purchased a number of Arlo cameras but will return them all if we can get >2 streams here. With this being a wire-free camera, having an RTSP stream is a bit of an odd feature, 24/7 recording would trash the battery. Most of the best selling video doorbells on the market have camera resolutions around 720P to 1080P. ; No hidden costs: designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, Eufy security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience. I chose these on the Unifi cameras as they are completely wireless.

But, I just saw a post on Reddit, where somebody stated it could only record send 2 streams at a time to a NAS / NVR. If you saw my previous review of the wired EufyCam Video Doorbell, some of what I’m going to say about features and performance is going to sound familiar.

This is not detailed anywhere on your description at the point of sale meaning I’ve potentially wasted £1400. Smart motion detection. A crystal-clear 2K image: high definition 2560 x 1920 resolution, combined with our advanced HDR and distortion correction, ensures video is recorded in 2x the quality.
Below is a link about the official description of Synology regarding purchasing extra licenses. –The brand of your NAS.

Never mind - I discovered the answer, its yes, the hub is limited to 2 RTSP stream… shame, as I’d purchased 5 cameras! I chose these on the Unifi cameras as they are completely wireless. We appreciate your support in Eufy.

Does this mean only 2 cameras will ever be able to record to my NAS? -HomeBase SN. -Your NAS could support recording five cameras into your local NAS. That’…

Since there is no current doorbell, a transformer that plugs into a standard 110V outlet is preferable. Work out your financial wealth with the Sorted Net Worth calculator, an important first step in getting financially sorted. if this is the case I’ll be returning the entire eufy set-up which would be really disappointing as I’m waiting for the doorbell and looking to purchase the baby monitor too. EufyCam Hub - Limited to 2 RTSP streams to my NAS? hope this helps ( but this only works on the wired version ) Eufy Doorbell RTSP Support. Hi Folks I’ve just placed an order for 5 cameras and the hub, the reason I went with Eufy, was it offered the RTSP and could work with my NAS. Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz Wireless WiFi Doorbell Camera, Micro SD Card, PIR Motion Detector, RTSP, IP55 Weatherproof, 2 …

High resolution.

I bought The EufyCam 2 with Homebase 2 - which I love, so bought 3 more cameras (total of 5) and have just spent £700 on a Synology DS718+ to use the NAS function but I’ve now discovered this is limited to just 2 cameras. Can someone from Eufy please provide an update? Eufy Video Doorbell Rtsp. With regards to your issue, we are wondering if you have sent the system back to us? On top of all this, Eufy cameras also have an RTSP option which allows you to integrate it with an NVR such as BlueIris or a NAS that has surveillance functionality such as QNAP or Synology. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled,

So are you saying, that the EufyCam hub can stream more than 2 cameras via RTSP? What is the impact of this? Besides, please kindly be noted that if your NAS can only support recording two cameras for free into local NAS, then extra licenses can be purchased for additional surveillance devices according to business needs. I have the necessary number of licenses. Thanks.

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