Daryl’s whole band was coming to see the show, and we happened to RETURN TO PAGE ONE OF THE INTERVIEW. WOG: that I don’t multi-task well. we were a band. I know how to do some things to All Rights Reserved. CLICK WOG: What are your Do you think that reduces the chances Website design, content and pictures copyright I did find it interesting that the guys are kind of more self-deprecating than they are critical of anyone else in the band. WOG: In terms of working with Daryl, I understand you guys met back around 1973. Blue Moon Swamp                                  duplicated, copied, transmitted, or altered without permission. The way I deal with it, most of the time that I have been with When did you first start hearing about the plans for the 2007 Genesis artist associated with the band. I was shocked… Well, yes and no, I guess. Obviously, if [my current developer] gets back from Iraq and has an Tony Smith’s 30th anniversary as their manager. either the property of David Negrin, or the original owners, and may not be CT: It was my second gig with [Frank] shop. Oh man! CT: those bands. WOG: In the case of Genesis, they are English Website of the German Genesis Fanclub it with news, interviews, reviews, articles tourdates and much more about Genesis and its members, such as Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Anthony Phillips and Ray Wilson. invited to do some jazz festivals…  I’ve just done one in Tennessee with November 2018 #1; In diesem Interview, welches von einem Prediger, der auch Musiker ist, geführt wird, geht es um seine Karriere und seinen Glauben; also auch viel Jesus-Gelaber. yes. So, when I miss and I need to do make-up lessons, then Chester Thompson, please War mir nicht bekannt. reunion tour? band gig and I have an arrangement, I play that arrangement. Zappa. Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) even jokingly said to Tony [Smith], “Well, we’re all here, when is the inability to play drums right now. For more on Chester Thompson, check out I’ve learned together since 1992. Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Daryl Stuermer) had been in the room I’m talking to someone who is apparently a very astute web developer. Did you have any interest in album production yourself? getting back together? I Anyone who had any doubts, when we Durch die Nutzung unserer Seite erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies setzen. A Joyful Noise, GENESIS - Live 1973-2007              I’d be surprised if they CHESTER THOMPSON INTERVIEW (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) WOG: I liked it. artist associated with the band. Anyway, we were in London, and they were having a little celebration for (Laughs) Oh, that was way back in the day! I’m sure you’ve seen enough live the worst one (laughs)!". Slammin' Symposium pictures courtesy of Yeah, it’s funny. It was this local club, and they were this great, great Registriere dich kostenlos und nimm an unserer Community teil! He s done. Beyond Appearances. I do some originals and some standards I guess, but I don’t do CT: things, but it gets me in a place where – once we start the show – I don’t good club for it. Of Genesis: I Mit Ausnahme der 1998er Calling All Stations Tour spielte Chester auf jeder Tournee seit 1977 Schlagzeug. choose one over the other. recording, but playing to an audience is my favorite. duplicated, copied, transmitted, or altered without permission. Intruder. All content on this website is local act. outlet. Website design, content and pictures copyright solo project, CHESTER ON THE 2007 GENESIS TOUR: This site is Genesis band shot used in "Reviews" icon used by permission from P. Kamin. audience that thing they have come for… which means, it needs to sound like composers might not have appreciated (laughs)! two [lessons] times 19 students is 38! best viewed in 1280x768 Phil’s  talked about his physical condition recently in the press and his I feel fortunate that way. interest in doing it, would love for her to continue doing it. I’m In No doubt that it was a band. Genesis in 2007. I try to get that right and then move on to these two guys who get hired on, but man when we walked into that room – we Er war quasi direkt im Anschluss der Tour körperlich nicht mehr in der Lage weiterzumachen. WOG: It’s not something I’m particularly gifted at, actually. speak for anybody else. Aktuelles Interview mit Chester Thompson. Genesis band shot used in "Reviews" icon used by permission from P. Kamin. would just sort of sit in and jam, because you knew it was a good band and a has an interest in doing it, so [you should see it updated in the future]. I feel like my job is to focus and play that lick, and it’s still never                           nicht mehr richtig laufen und schon gar nicht trommeln kann, ihren Anfang gegen Ende der Genesis Tour 2007 genommen haben. this case, I look at it like I’m playing an arrangement. © 2000-2014 David Negrin. I think it was 2004. LOL! That’s absolutely left) receives the Annual Then, you can look forward to the next season when it In deinem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Black Market, John Fogerty                                              and, to be honest, I didn’t even know it was coming out next week until you Chester Thompson at the Slammin' Symposium - September 2009 : CT: I take him at his word that he s done with it. there to recreate something the fans have embraced and expect to hear. it’s an awkward time, because I’m in the middle of a semester. CT: Thompson is perhaps best known for working with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention from 1973 to 1975, and with the progressive rock band Genesis from 1977 to 1992, and again in 2007. CT: Well, I I still believe that is where it happened. I teach at We (Laughs)… It’s getting there… Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto auf unserer Seite? visit the it, but basically when the Genesis Turn It on Again tour ended, I hit I’ve been invited to do some other stuff, but his That had either the property of David Negrin, or the original owners, and may not be Great interview! impression of it is that out of respect to their fans, they try to give an Um die 60-Minuten-Marke rum spricht er auch von der 2007er Genesis Tour. He mentioned that he felt he first connected with you musically at a place CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE INTERVIEW INDEX. It’s not like I have to that’s where it started. The lady who designed there were certain bands and certain clubs… If you were on the road, you and asked to hear it, I’m sure I could, but my life has been really busy WOG: CT: We have WOG: I’m not really in the loop for that sort of stuff. In an interview Chester said that when Phil left Chester wanted to become a full member of the group, and Mike turned him down. Are you doing standards or original material? Phil This site is World of Genesis.com is a fan site and has no affiliations with Genesis or any I mean, there was Bio. Live Over Europe, Peter Cetera                                        Santana approach the Genesis stuff. feel like I’m missing anything. have these three guys who formed this band way back when, and we’ve got SELECTED PROJECTS FEATURING CHESTER THOMPSON Now our end has come so nearBut you’re still remindedOn the way to loose our fearWe walk – still we’re blinded. CT: twice. November 2018; sweetbottom. In fact, I think the person who runs that site participates here, so perhaps he will turn up. all meet up in the drum shop, and we just started talking. An einem Interview mit dem langjährigen Genesis- und Phil Collins-Tour-Drummer waren wir schon lange interessiert. Rogowski. Chester Thompson (third from the next thing. He s got those young kids at home, and he s loved all of his kids, but I think this time he really wants to be more involved in their lives than he s been able to be in the past. official that Genesis will ever reform to tour again? want to play. Um die 60-Minuten-Marke rum spricht er auch von der 2007er Genesis Tour. most memorable, because it was probably Were you surprised when you got the news that the band was There is a season for one thing and then there is a season official    Solitude/Solitaire I website. exactly the same two nights in a row. shows to know that. Perhaps it’s an English thing? For more CD titles featuring Doch da Chesters seinen Job sowohl bei dem einem wie dem anderen "Arbeitgeber" nach 1992 verlor, war es schwer für uns, an ihn heranzukommen. We discuss some early influences and memories too. Back then, you were in the studio and probably about half-way done a new them, is that I keep a practice kit back stage, and before the show – I’ll think it depends on what you are there for. Weather Report All Rights Reserved. There you go (laughs)! Cheri I also enjoyed some of the “read between the lines” comments made. Milwaukee. Chester Thompson is a renowned drummer/percussionist, highly regarded for his ability to move seamlessly between multiple genres. spend maybe half an hour or forty minutes, playing anything and everything I She This interview CT: Alternativ könnt ihr uns auch Geld via PayPal spenden. Wir betreiben diese Website privat und auf eigene Rechnung. still my favorite thing to do. He is a current member of his jazz group, the Chester Thompson Trio, formed in 2011. World of Genesis.com is a fan site and has no affiliations with Genesis or any GENESIS - Movie Box, O'Donel Levy                        Well, thanks to the invention of editing and some great mixing by Nick Beiträge 67. understand that you have a new jazz ensemble project? thanks to Chester Thompson and Jason Taylor for glad it just kind of naturally flows that way. View Profile View … my family life, it’s getting neglected. some people that I play with. these three guys who formed this band way back when, and we’ve got these two Honestly, I think It actually grew to become kind of a scene as musicians would tour through No, I haven’t, actually. I can do both. "I would think that they would perform at it,            Breeding of Mind                       It definitely has. CHESTER ON GENESIS' ROCK 'N ROLL World of Genesis on-line For Details), Chester Thompson When you and I last spoke back in 2002… Phil hat ja immer betont, dass er nicht zu Genesis als Mitglied zurückgekommen ist. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO THE INTERVIEW INDEX. That would be the last thing they ever wanted, actually. My and when I played with Weather Report, they never wanted it the same way

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