Brad (00:39:55): Brad (01:06:10): [52:14], A home assessment would be the best way to check to see if your home is healthy. Cause it’s exponential.

So let’s slow down and take a deep breath, take a cold plunge and expertly balance that competitive intensity with an appreciation of the journey.

But then also how can we reduce as much as we can that’s not going to disrupt your, your life or the life of the person in the house that’s skeptical of all this.

Um, and that’s when we’re testing the amount of voltage that’s going through your body. [34:44], Is there a way one can opt for lowering the pulsing electricity coming into the house? Exactly. I got ya.

And, and I’ve, and I’ve been able to measure it. So is, um, is 5G faster? And basically what they found was that these various different types of frequencies and just not just wireless frequencies, it’s also electric fields and magnetic fields. But, um, they’re going to have to put these towers more often, like around the neighborhood and things like that and they’re going to be closer to our houses. Yes.

When you’re painting over black, I guess you have to use a bunch of coats of, of, uh, of pink or mauve of, or whatever you want. I hope the listeners not getting overwhelmed. And so that’s accelerates the pathway, you know, and amplifies the pathway that where the electricity can come to the body. Turn the data off.

Brad (00:25:05): [01:03:02], A red light is incandescent which is much better for you.

I’ll put in a plug for that and get off those machines. You could still do that. Or are we kind of in agreement that we have an issue here? Yeah. What do we, what do we do?

Brad (01:12:03): And so there’s the shielding fabric we put over the windows, there’s a special conductive shielding paint that you can actually paint all of your walls with it and ground it so that the electricity can’t come from behind the walls onto your body.

And I said, well, is this a, you know, right now she has an analog meter on there at our RD already looked at it, I think. And apparently, uh, of course it’s going to be using some electricity from time to time, but apparently safe.

Convenient delivery of grassfed organ meat in capsule form, Online multimedia educational courses for step-by-step guidance and inspiration. [14:37], This damage to your cells is more severe at nighttime than during your busy day. We are familiar with the, the old cell phones had three G and then they had 4g and you have the little icon up in the corner of your screen when you’re, when you’re talking, identifying that you’re on a four G network, that you’re hitting a cell tower and the reception kind of sucks over here.

So we have five pros in the field, including myself and basically like we go wherever people need us.

. Yeah.

Brian (00:30:23): And what I’ve found with people is, um, there’s some people who would categorize themselves as electrosensitive or they have microwave sickness. It’s supposed to, the hot supposed to be right next to the neutral that whole time. And like just a few months ago, really, and, uh, the guy came to install the smart meter while I was doing the EMF assessment at the person’s house. Brian (01:03:20): PH (206) 659-0690| Brad (00:05:58): And so that causes a physiological response in the body where your muscles are contracting and when your muscles contract, you’re using calcium and then when they they relax, you’re using up your magnesium stores. And then if you need a lamp plugged in, there’s these, even these little remote plugs that you can get from Amazon, where you plug this into the, you plug it into the wall and then you can plug your lamp into that. Brad (00:10:45): Oh yeah. And our body actually uses a lot of it for different metabolic processes. Right. Oh yeah, definitely.

but you’re recommending getting the highest wattage possible of the incandescent. So it’s, some people would say that it’s a, it’s a form of surveillance. Um, so those are some of the main things. Uh, right now they’ll kind of force it on you.

Karl Riley, no subtitle and the cover is one of the most, um, basic routine like electrical drawings. [4:45], The finding recommendations to Kris, based on Brian’s testing of EMFs in his house. Brian Hoyer #43The High Cost of EMFs and How to Protect Yourself TODAY'S PODCAST Brian Hoyer is the founder of Shielded Healing - an organization that identifies potential EMF stressors in your home or office. He’s got lots of really good illustrations in there, but essentially what’s going on is the neutral wire at some point is being connected somewhere where it’s going in a different direction and it’s no longer going back the same way that it came. If we could hear these things, we would not be using the technology at all, but um, or using it very sparingly.
Brad (01:13:54): That filament doesn’t cool down fast enough to turn completely off. It wasn’t because I looked at it and then I went back and I double checked.

Brian (00:28:06): And so we’ll often recommend that for the person’s lamps and their wifi router. Brian (00:05:47): And then it gets better when you turn the corner on your familiar country road or wherever you are. Brian (00:43:47):

Brad (00:03:06): Use the code, Speaking of optimizing your immune system... Laird's Superfood is here to do that and so much more with their Performance Mushroom Blend.

Brad (01:12:28):

Brad (00:35:19): One of the best ways to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and calm down is with CBD.

I learned a ton in this episode, and am inspired to take action on a top-10 list of immediate steps to take to make your home safer. So, um, if he can find an older fixture or you can, uh, you can get like a, a heat lamp fixture, those will work. Solar panels.


Here we go. Bryan (00:11:02): And basically what it is, is they’re, they’re using these to connect everybody’s houses together so that you can communicate like the energy usage.

They’re installing.

2 min read, August 19, 2020 It turns on. [45:51], Is there a way to filter the dirty electricity that solar panels create? And it’s a, it’s a digital modulated frequency at 60 Hertz. ave $100 off EMF Assessment services offered all over the country by using the code GETHIN100 at check out: What the heck is EMF shielding and why should I care? Brian (00:26:54): Brian Hoyer is just 1 of 3 practitioners in the country that is certified by Geovital Academy, the world's leading company on radiation-free living. Yeah. So, um, we have the anecdotal reports from people, but then we also have some, uh, some hard science with this, with this new technology, with the Ouraring that we can, we can actually track it. So, you know, if people are just starting out and they really want to do something right now, some of the easy things you can do is you can start unplugging things in your room from the walls.

I know on an iPhone it’s cellular data.

Special offer!Save $100 off EMF Assessment services offered all over the country by using the code GETHIN100 at check out: And then, uh, basically we’ll be able to come back to your house and test all the solutions after they’re put in place and make sure that everything’s working the way that it should. During a busy day, walking around with our cell phone and our Apple EarPods that go in your ear and, and admit a Bluetooth in your, you’re carrying these things around for hours. Oh, the book you mentioned, you said it was a boring title, I think. They’ll even tell you that it’s not a smart meter. Sometimes it’s, it’s a very significant impact. It’s just an upgrade. So she might get an important call and if it’s on airplane mode, that ain’t good for the rest of us. So one group, they both had the same exposure.

Um, and, and they show him hooked up to an EKG machine. So this is the same thing where you’re getting a burst of hydrogen.

They all, uh, have this biological mechanism where when your, the cells in your body sense a voltage shift, the voltage gated calcium channels actually open up and let calcium in flooded into the cell. Brad (00:00:00): You might as well just have it be a healing and restful environment where you’re free of these stressors, more like your ancestors would have been. And we can actually recreate this ancestral healing environment in your bedroom. That just, it’s, it’s that screams unnatural and not something that’s, that seems logical to do. But you can get some brightness but just get the proper bulb and you’re okay? I mean 5Gigahertz faster than 2.4?

It creates periaxis nitrate, which is a free radical and it, it’s like a potent oxidative stressor. I said, what’s the latest, greatest hot health practices like hydrogenized water? Um, try to find the, uh, do you use the ethernet and do wired internet instead of wifi when, when possible.

Brian speaks with Dr. Schaffner about the effects of EMFs and how to protect yourself.

And there’s solutions for that too. Use the code, Feeling stress or anxiety in your everyday life or because of the state of the world? October 01, 2020 Yeah. We didn’t talk much about lighting, but, um.

You’ll see the bubbles start to go up and then you have to drink it all right away within a minute. [09:01], When your cells sense a voltage shift, it causes inflammation. And so when that happens, there’s more current going out then going back. I like it. Yup. And these things are so sporadic that and pulsating that it’s not, there’s nothing natural about it. The amount of EMF radiation from appliances, poor You don’t need to have that in your bedroom. Brian Hoyer is the founder of Shielded Healing – an organization that identifies potential EMF stressors in your home or office. Can you do some, uh, modifications to, to reduce that, uh, offense?

And then we’re, you know, when you have this conductive paint on the walls and the ceiling and we have some solutions for the floor as well, you’re basically wrapping yourself in this earth energy blocking all the pulsating currents from the walls. The beautiful lighting and the, the soft lighting throughout the house. Brian Hoyer is an established complementary health practitioner, specializing in nutritional therapy, kinesiology and other modalities. You’ll get the list at the end of the show. We call them Shielded Healing pros.

So the smart meter, I had a show with Tanya Tesco and she was strongly critical, those, and uh, was talking about people in where she was living at the time in Switzerland vandalizing their smart meter like two times. Brian (00:35:32):

Is there any, is there a range of, uh, responses to, uh, of high frequency bedroom or dirty electricity environment?

Yeah, exactly. And so those two wires are supposed to go throughout the house in your Romex and they’re supposed to be together all the way from the beginning of your circuit box through all your appliances and everything and back right back. Some restaurants, if you go to restaurant lighting, like, uh, websites, uh, you can get like heat lamp fixtures that actually aren’t, don’t look that bad. So that’s kind of the pricing structure. What’s our step-by-step, uh, intervention here if we’re going to do one over the, over the podcast network? And then also when you’re detoxifying, if you’re doing any kind of detox protocol, you can’t be in an emotionally stressed state. So yeah. so right now this badass list says, um, at night turn off your cellular data or to go to airplane mode or at least turn off your cellular data, uh, turn the wifi off in your house. Cellular data.

Now not all CBD is created equal that's why Kris turns to Ned CBD. Shielded,Healing.

What were you talking about before that?

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