The twelve Cheetahs are complemented by Draken’s recent acquisition of 22 modernized radar-equipped Spanish Mirage F1Ms. Draken is committed to providing US and allied fighter pilots the most advanced live air training solution by investing and expanding the largest, most advanced fleet of tactical fighter aircraft in the industry. It was used as a standby interceptor with minimum two aircraft equipped with weapons providing round-the-clock alert status in case of attack. The remaining aircraft were removed from service. The single-seat multirole fighter aircraft, the Atlas Cheetah, was manufactured by Denel Aviation Systems (formerly Atla, 2×30 mm (1.18 in) DEFA 552 cannons with 125 rounds per gun, 4×Matra rocket pods with 18×SNEB 68 mm rockets each, OR 2×Matra JL-100 drop tank/rocket pack, each with 19×SNEB 68 mm rockets and 66 US gallons (250 liters) of fuel, 2×Python 3 AAMs, V4 R-Darter (BVR missile), U/Darter, V3C Darter, 8,800lb (4,400kg) of payload on five external hardpoints, including 250kg Laser-guided bombs (LGB), GPS-guided bombs, 250kg 'booster' bombs, a variety of unguided 'iron' bombs. The twelve Cheetas were purchased directly from the South African Air Force in 2017. Along with the procurement of 22 modernized Mirage F1Ms and F1Bs, the Cheetah will be offered for various contracts within the USAF, USN, USMC, and US-partnered militaries. Draken’s Mirage F1M offers Fallon an extremely cost-effective Mach 2+, radar-equipped platform that meets or exceeds all posted requirements. The offer involved 12 aircraft (10 Cheetah-C fighters and 2 Cheetah-D fighter/trainers), plus a complete 5-year, renewable maintenance and support package. The armaments commonly carried by the Cheetah C, D and E fighter aircraft include a 12.5kg practice bomb, a 120kg fragmentation bomb, a 120kg low-drag bomb, a 145kg bomb, a 250kg fragmentation bomb, a 460kg bomb, a 745 (Paveway) laser-guided bomb, a CB-470 cluster bomb, an mk81 250lb bomb, a mk82 500lb bomb and a Raptor 1 glide bomb (H-2). As the sole provider of commercial adversary services to the USAF, Draken International is primed to deliver extensive capacity to cover the majority of the 42,000 flight hour requirement for supporting combat readiness training at 12 operating locations throughout the US. The Cheetah E aircraft is equipped with simple ranging radar which is used for ground attacks. Supplementing the Draken fleet with these 4th generation Cheetahs will offer customers an extremely capable yet highly cost-effective platform. Draken acquired 22 Mirage F1M and F1B fighter jets back in November. The chaff-flare dispensers were fitted in a fairing under the tail, an Elbit HUD, and a South African-built helmet mounted sight. Denel Aviation will conduct maintenance and acceptance flight tests for the aircraft in South Africa and Ecuador. In October 1992, the multirole fighter aircraft Cheetah C was developed as an upgraded version following the retirement of Cheetah E aircraft.
Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk UH-60 Black Hawk A UH-60L Black Hawk flies a low-level mission over Iraq in 2004. As the only provider of Red Air for the USAF, including the weapons school and Red Flag, Draken is committed to delivering extensive capacity in order to manage a majority of the enormous ADAIR demand throughout the entire DoD. They also carry a DEFA 553 30mm cannon, guided booster and Taxan target drogue. 11 two-seater Mirage IIIDZs and D2Zs were upgraded to the Cheetah D standard, which is equivalent to Kfir Tc7, and five additional Kfir and Mirage airframes supplied by IAI have also been modernised.

Cockpit of the Cheetah D flight simulator The Atlas Cheetah programme grew out of South Africa 's requirement for a modern fighter and strike aircraft in the 1980s. The Cheetahs also have an average of 500 hours on each airframe and are considerably younger than many of the F-16’s, F-15’s and F/A-18s they will challenge in the Red Air capacity. Draken aircraft Atlas Cheetah.

An agreement to conclude the deal was signed in December 2010. It has the capacity to fly at 2,350km/h. Capacity and capability are the dominant themes for the ADAIR business driven by the contractual requirements of our customers. New navigation and weapons management systems, a self-defence suite, including missile and radar warning sensors, active jammers, and chaff-flare dispensers are also installed in the upgraded Cheetah E aircraft.

This is why we have purchased the A-4, L-159, Mirage F1M, and now the Cheetah, the first truly 4th generation platform in the industry.”. The Atlas Cheetah programme originated during the 1980s out of South Africa's requirement for more capable fighter and strike aircraft. The Cheetah D can handle a payload of 13,600kg and weighs 7,633kg when empty. PRESS RELEASE – Draken International, a global leader in advanced adversary air services, has announced the acquisition of twelve South African Atlas Cheetah fighter aircraft, reinforcing the company’s focus on providing advanced capabilities to its clients. Cheetah C entered service … The service ceiling and wingspan of the Cheetah are 17,000m and 8.22m respectively, while the wing loading of the aircraft is 250kg/m². Warbird Digest has just received the September, 2020 report from Chuck Cravens concerning the restoration of the Dakota Territory Air Museum’s P-47D Thunderbolt 42-27609 at AirCorps Aviation in Bemidji, Minnesota. It was derived from the Dassault Mirage III aircraft. The delivery of the Cheetah aircraft will commence in December 2009. Sean Gustafson, VP of Business Development at Draken stated, “Our customers within the USAF, USN, and USMC have asked Draken to evolve our capabilities in order to simulate the 4th generation adversaries the United States may have to face in the future.

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